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COTW Winner, Moving on to COTY-November

The winner of the COTW vote is Stéphane and his California Golden Seals concepts! The winning entry can be seen on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. The results of the vote are below.

Stéphane - 3
Matt - 2
Scott (FLA) - 2
Scott (AHL) - 1
Glen - 0

Stéphane's concept now moves on to the COTY-November vote, which begins right now!The entrants are listed on the left side of the page. You can see those concepts by clicking on that banner or going to the 2011 COTY page. The voting will run until Thursday, December 8, 2011 @ 11:59pm EST.

After this week, there are only 4 more eligible weeks for COTW! If you want to win Concept of the Year, I'd suggest you get your best concept EVER in before next Friday!

The DHL "Top 5" voting continues, but response hasn't been great. Only 4 people have voted for each team. If you're a Committee Member be sure to get your DHL votes in before Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

Here is the only DHL entry that came in during the last 24 hours.

Brooklyn DHL entry (by Scott)

The full body model (MS Paint compatible) has been updated on the TEMPLATES page. For MS Paint users it should be much easier now to fill in the shading, gloves, collar, etc. I'd strongly suggest checking it out and I'd really love some feedback on it!

This just shows how some people don't learn. Over on CCLSC, in a span of a week, Cody a frequent HJC contributor, has used the DHL logo and claimed it as his own. He's also posted a basketball concept where negative feedback was given and he told people that they were wrong and he wasn't willing to learn from said feedback. Today he posted a re-coloured Hamilton Bulldogs logo, which he said he was going to submit to his school to use as their new logo (theft!). Finally, also today he posted a McDonalds logo claiming it was his under the title "random logo for anyone who wants it!". This is why on the CONTACT page I suggest that HJC is used as a learning tool to improve your work so you don't get shredded to pieces on forums like CCSLC, just like Cody did.

Calgary Flames concepts (by Brady)
The red jersey doesn't look too bad with the horse logo, but the white logo on a white jersey isn't for me. I think what makes me like that horse logo is the inclusion of black as I think it makes the horse look more fierce.

Winter Classic concepts (by Bryan S.)A Winter Classic in St. Louis is a great idea! The Blues' retro jersey look great, escpecially on the Edge cut. Also, the Hawks in another Classic would give them a great opportunity to introduce a new 3rd jersey. Maybe not this one, I think it's a little too plain, but something retro inspired could be good.

St. Louis Blues concepts (by Colin)Again, I have to say how good the trumpet logo looks as a shoulder patch. That fact also makes me not really like the 3rd sweater here. A white note logo and the trumpet as the main crest, I don't like either of those things. I do really like the lines used as bars of music on the home and roads! That combined with a classic striping pattern make for a pretty cool jersey.

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Brian B.)If Brian could alter the Wild's jersey set, this is how he would have them look. Now that the NHL has altered the rule that a team must have one jersey that is white and the other has to be of colour, this set could work...and work well! Just a note on that jersey rule, the wording in the rule book has been changed to read the following,

"Each member Club shall design and wear distinctive and contrasting uniforms for their home and road games..."

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Sam N.)I really like the whole jersey except for the lighter shade of blue inside the primary crest. I think that would be better being left out or in a different colour. Some execution notes, the shoulder patches are using a different shade of blue than the jersey, which would be incorrect unless this concept is intended to be darker than the current home sweaters. Also, in the grey cuffs we can still see the sleeve stitching. If you want to be as authentic as possible, that stitching is not there on the real sweaters with cuffs of the same styling. To see some examples I check out IceJerseys.com and I zoom in on AUTHENTIC jerseys to see how they are stitched. COTW nomination on this one from me.

Toronto Arenas concepts (by Stéphane)
These were meant as DHL entries, but Stéphane accidentally created Arenas concepts not Blueshirts. I really like the logo as it seems to fit the retro theme. I think I'd like the arm stripes better if there were less, like on the hem. One execution note, but I don't think this matters now, I can see the NHL crest on the collar of the white jersey from behind the DHL logo.
COTW Winner, Moving on to COTY-November Reviewed by Ryan on December 02, 2011 Rating: 5


Sam said...

I really like Brian B.'s Set. Being a Wild fan, I believe those would be great!!! COTW nomination from me.

Avi said...

@ryan: i dont want to sound like a dick, but i dont think that you should accept/post concepts that do not give credit where credit is needed. i think that this would sort of fix this problem.

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