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COTW & COTY-November Winners

The winner of the Nov. 28 - Dec. 4 COTW is Brandon C. and his Vancouver Canucks concept! You can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the winning entry. The results of the vote are below.

Brandon C. - 6
Brian B. - 4
Sam N. - 1

The winner of COTY-November is Steven G. and his Winnipeg Jets concepts! You can see those concepts under the 2011 COTY tab. The results of that vote are below.

Steven G. (WPG) - 4
Stephane - 2
Steven G. (PIT) - 2
Steven G. (TB) - 2

With those winner announced there is only one vote remaining to remind you of. That vote is the "Top 5" vote for the Brooklyn and Vancouver DHL entries. That vote ends on Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

Again, here is the tease for the new contest starting on Monday...

There is a new HJC Competition coming next week! For those of you who like to design logos as well as jerseys, then this is the competition for you. For those of you that are so confident in your logo drawing abilities, there will be pre-designed logos available for you to use too. Everyone wins! Also, there won't be too many restrictions on your entries. Oooooh, what's it going to be?

Winter Classic concepts (by Cody)Execution issues continue to plague Cody's work. The Blues concept is fine. I'd just either move that trumpet logo onto the arm stripes or the shoulder and then use TV numbers. The Kings jersey is a bit of a mess. The shoulder patches need to face the proper way. The TV numbers are laid out incorrectly. The arm stripes have a white outline, but not the hem stripe. Finally, the silver doesn't fit this colour scheme very well, in my opinion. It seems like there was some time spent on the Blues concept, but the Kings concept seems VERY rushed.

Phoenix Coyotes concepts (by Martin)The addition of green seems like a minor league type of thing to do. Thus, I'm not really liking these jerseys. The black one maybe I'm the closest to liking, but the thin green stripe on the arms and hem turn me off. Also, you got to take the time to colour in those spaces around the collar laces. I can see large spots of green in there. Other than those laces, the execution seems to be pretty good.

New York Rangers concept (by Josh)Let me start with execution issues. Lack of TV numbers and shoulder patches (if applicable). Also the restricted R has been left on the bottom corner of Lady Liberty. The jersey design is ok, it just needs the adjustments suggested above to be applied.

St. John's Ice Caps concept (by Spirit104)I like the white cuffs and hem here for a team with a reference to the cold and snow in their name. The basic striping goes well with it, however I'm thinking, while this is good, perhaps whit yokes would have looked better. Also, there are two tiny uncoloured pixels at the tips of the front collar.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Kyle C.)Kyle takes the striping from the 80's jerseys and melts them with the themes of the last 10 years. I think it looks pretty good! I don't think the collar laces are needed though. I do like the current "pencil tip" logo as a shoulder patch though.

All Star Game concepts (by Spirit104)Unfortunately, the NHL will be using the same jerseys for this season's game as they did for last season. Spirit offers up some Senators themed jerseys for the game. I like them, but Sens fans might not purchase that blue sweater as it looks a little too close to the Leafs' old 3rd jersey. Perhaps removing the yokes on both sweaters would be better?

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Avi)Really nice Senators concepts by Avi! The road white isn't my favourite, with those black yokes, but I really like the other two. I like the striping that Avi has used for the home and road. It really looks great on the black jersey. It's a shame they never used that updated side profile logo, that really was a waste of a great logo. COTW nomination for Avi!
COTW & COTY-November Winners Reviewed by Ryan on December 09, 2011 Rating: 5


thesensfan99 said...

I second the COTW nom. for AVI

Anonymous said...

Not one mention of the Leafs being sold? I figured that you would be writing a novel on that in today's post!

Ryan said...

@Kris: Yes, it's huge news today, but it didn't really seem to fit too much. I also don't know how much non-Leafs fans care.

AJH said...

Avi's Concept got my nom for the COTW.

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