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Canada, Bolts, and More on a Wednesday

This was effective yesterday and got people voting, so I will do it again...

Committee Members, here is a reminder of the votes ongoing and when they will be ending...

- COTW Nov 28-Dec 4 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
- COTY-November (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
- DHL Brooklyn & Vancouver Top 5 voting (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)

There is a new HJC Competition coming next week! For those of you who like to design logos as well as jerseys, then this is the competition for you. For those of you that are so confident in your logo drawing abilities, there will be pre-designed logos available for you to use too. Everyone wins! Also, there won't be too many restrictions on your entries. Oooooh, what's it going to be?

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Jeremy)Off the top, I have to note the uncoloured pixels on the collar. Moving on, Jeremy brings silver back into the colour scheme. A move which I like is just using the text and bolt from the secondary logo and removing the circles. That looks good. I think the silver and white on the hem stripes would look better if they switched places. Again though, I don't understand colouring the actual hem blue.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Joni)Joni uses the old primary logo and the new shoulder patch. I really like what Joni has done here. It's a little different, but I think that suits the Bolts well. I would have the outlines on the cuffs match the outline on the arms. Also, the thin white stripe on the pants seems unnecessary. Great work overall here though!

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Michael L.)Of the two sets Michael sent in my favourite is the one on the right. That alternate on the left just seems a bit too mish-mashed to me. If I had these options and wanted to make the perfect set from them. I'd choose the home and roads from the left and the alternate from the right.

Team Canada concept (by David C.)David seems like he was going for a retro look and her certainly achieved that. The numbers do a good job getting that effect. I like the striping of the jersey, the coloured sleeves, and the yoke outline. What I don't like are the NHL logos still on the concept and the red coloured hem.

Team Canada concept (by HJC)This concept is based off of THIS costume from the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Olympic Games. I really tried to go for a heritage look on this one, hence the brown gloves and pants. Also, I did not include a name on the back of the sweater. Does anyone know if there is an IIHF rule about that? The primary logo uses the leaf from the typical alternate logo. The shoulder logo is nearly drawn entirely by me except I used the leaf from Canada's Olympic logo as my base.

Anaheim Ducks concept (by Spirit104)This one looks really cool. To start with though, there are uncoloured pixels at the corners of the front hem. I really like the double striping on the shoulder yokes. Also, the choice of design on the pants is well done!
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Visage said...

i would like to nominate the tampa jersey by joni that thing is sweet.

thesensfan99 said...

michael deserves a COTW nom. from me

Glen Cuthbert said...

I'll second Joni.

cody said...

i dont know what these guys are seeing but spirit104 for COTW!

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