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2 Votes Ending Tonight

Here are those votes that are ending tonight...

COTW Dec 5-11 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
DHL divisional voting (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

We will begin the DHL Final vote tomorrow and it will run until Monday. I will also give you the results of the DHL Divisional vote tomorrow.

Get your Battle of the Legends entry in before Sunday @ 11:59pm EST!

Battle of the Legends entry (by Avi)

Washington Capitals concept (by Josh)It's a blue Capitals sweater with a pixelated logo that uses a different shade of red and there are no TV numbers or shoulder patches. Also, the stripes on the pants aren't drawn properly. There are many options available on the TEMPLATES page if you only use the paint can tool. I don't know what else I can say about this one.

Detroit Red Wings concept (by WinnipegJets96)I like this Wings concept. I think it could work if the Wings ever took on a 3rd jersey (not until hell freezes over). However, I think a solid red collar would look better. I also don't think I mentioned it on the tutorial, but the outline of the collar on the player model should be coloured and not left grey. Finally, the shading on the gloves should be a darker red.

Detroit Red Wings concept (by Brian B.)Another "black for black sake" concept from Brian. My only note would be to not alter the logo. Would Wings fans like this? I've heard that black Wings practice jerseys are actually popular with their fans. If you're a Wings fan would you pay $80 or maybe more for this sweater?

All Star Game concepts (by Thomas)I like the idea of the All Star Game having colour versus colour jerseys, but these look a little to simple. They kind of look like old under shirts that players wore in the 80's. The NHL shield is also a little pixelated on the concepts. A good way to avoid that is to open the logo in a new window and resize it using the Image...Resize/Skew tab. Then COPY and PASTE onto the concept. Also save as PNG, which is not necessarily directed at Thomas, but everyone.

Florida Panthers concepts (by Avi)This seems to be popular recently. Adding the FLA shoulder patch to the old jerseys in the Edge cut. Avi has also added laces here, but to me that seems like "laces for laces sake". Still a quality concept though!

Kamloops Blazers concepts (by Kevin) Descriptions included on the concepts.
Colorado "Rockalanche" concept (by Ross)I've enjoyed Ross' work for a long time. Mainly his stuff has been posted on Icethetics, but I'm sure I've probably seen somethings on PuckDrawn. The jersey here is decent, but the star is the "fusion" logo on the Rockies and the Avalanche. COTW nomination without a doubt from me!
2 Votes Ending Tonight Reviewed by Ryan on December 15, 2011 Rating: 5


D3TROIT1388 said...

I would buy Brian's Red Wings jersey just because its something new. I also like what Jets96 is doing with the Vintage Jerseys, the NHL should do that next year.

Chuckie said...

Brian for COTW

AJH said...

Kevin's Kamloops Blazers concept for COTW.

Steven Grant said...

I second Ross for cotw

Anonymous said...

As a Panthers fan I love Avi's entire set except for that terrible FLA logo. Not that I'm speaking for all Panther's fans, but I think most of us hate anything that has to do with the JetBlue thirds. I think that it would be better with the current sun/palm tree/hockey stick logo as the shoulder patch. Either way he gets a COTW nomination from me.

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