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I went down to the Toronto Maple Leafs equipment sale today, I was pretty disappointed. Not by the selection, but by the fact that Leafs' dressing room access was promised, however there was a Prince concert scheduled for tonight and that access was denied.How far in advance are these concerts scheduled? This couldn't have been avoided? What was their compensation for this false advertising? A ballot to enter a draw to possibly win a pair of Leafs tickets. Great prize, but no good enough when we were all supposed to go into the room and only 4 people will win tickets. Oh right, Colby Armstrong was also there to sign autographs.

Either way, I did make a small purchase.I bought pro stock practice socks and a mesh bag for tape, helmet, etc with a #29 tag on it (my goalie number). I was disappointed with the prices though. The socks and bag only cost $10 each, but everything else was too high. HEAVILY used gloves with the palm worn out were going for $125! Phil Kessel skates that were heavily used and cracked were on sale for $250. At previous Leafs equipment sales they had that kind of heavily worn stuff on separate tables costing between $10-$50.

Top 5 voting for the DHL Montreal and California entries continues until 11:59pm EST Sunday night. Committee Members get your votes in if you haven't already.

Pittsburgh & Toronto DHL entries

Pittsburgh DHL entry (by Kevin)

Toronto DHL entry (by Kevin)

Toronto DHL entry (by HJC)

New York Rangers concept (by MasonII)Mason creates an Edge style jersey for the Lady Liberty logo. I think if all the stripes at the hem are going to be next to each other, then the arm stripes should follow the same pattern. I would suggest using the same shade of blue for the shoulder patches that is used on the jersey. Other than that, this concept is executed quite well.

All Star Game concepts (by Nevill)All Star Game jerseys like to be different and these certainly are different. I think that the gold by the armpits should have a little more shape to it instead of just being cut off with a straight line. I like the colouring around the laces, below the collar though. However, the black just seems like "black for black sake".

Carolina Hurricanes concepts (by Kyle C.)Kyle has replaced most of the black on the home sweater with grey. On the road sweater he's made some slight adjustments with the placement of the colours and he's added red yokes. I like the red home jersey as the increase of grey is good. On the white jersey, I think it would look better if the yokes were outline in black.

Calgary Flames concepts (by WhiteLightning)I think I've gotten a couple of concepts similar to this before. Full time retro home and road jerseys with a black version of the current sweaters using the horse head logo. I like the 3rd and the home and roads, but I am not in favour of the Flames going full on retro.

Calgary Flames concepts (by Matt M.)Matt has Edge-ified the white jersey the way it should have been done back in 2007. He adds a really nice red sweater to match. I like this set as the pants give the Flames a greater focus on red, which they had back in the 80's. COTW nomination from me!

Nashville Predators concepts (by Steven G.)Steven removes some piping off of the news Preds' sweaters and adds a nice simplified 3rd jersey. I think that 3rd goes really well with the set. Unintentionally, it looks very similar to Connor's COTY-July winning concept.
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James said...

I'm surprised, but I actually like the horse head logo in the 80's colours on White's home and road.

Glen Cuthbert said...

Mason's Liberty jersey for COTW

Brandon C said...

Whitelightning, I made the same set in July. Hope you didnt take my idea.


White Lightning Design said...

@Brandon C

Never saw that one, but they are pretty similar, although it's not really an original design to start with. Trust me, I wouldn't spend the amount of time I put into my concepts just to rip someone off.

Ryan said...

@ Brandon & @WhiteLightning:

I'd say this wasn't intentional. I'm sure a lot of concept artists have those concepts on their computer that they made themselves. I know I do!

spirit104 said...

I second Matt's Flames concept, I agree with Ryan, I like the focus of red.

Andre said...

I disagree with Ryan. Whitelightning's Flame home and away retro set is what should be used full-time. 70s and 80s uniforms have that some concept as the Original Six. Colourful, but clean and simple.

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