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Hey all, I have a survey up right now. You can get to it by clicking the banner on the left or going to the HJC SURVEY page. I'm just getting everyone's thoughts on HJC and seeing what I can do to make it better. So, if you want your voice heard answer the HJC Survey.

Matt sent in an updated version of his new pants-helmet-gloves templates. He also updated the standard Reebok Edge template (the one with all of the collars). Both of those updates can be found on the TEMPLATES page.

I also update the blank New York Islanders 3rd jersey template.This and other TEMPLATES can be found at the bottom of the TEMPLATES page under "NHL Team Templates".

Also, here are the numbers for those new 3rd jerseys.
Here are some DHL entries that have come in recently.

California DHL entry (by Brandon S.)
California DHL entry (by John T.)
California DHL entry (by Kevin)
California DHL entry (by Shaun)
California DHL entry (by WhiteLightning)
Montreal DHL entry (by Brandon S.)
Montreal DHL entry (by John T.)
Montreal DHL entry (by Kevin)
Montreal DHL entry (by Stephen T.)
Montreal DHL entry (by WhiteLightning)

Washington Capitals concept (by Colin)
I get the stars and stripes idea, but this makes me think of retro All Star jerseys, not the Capitals. I do like though that Colin has tried to do something different. My suggestion would be to remove the yoke and make the stars smaller so that they fit in the red stripe. Then I'd colour them a darker red, but that's just my opinion.

Dallas Stars concept (by Jeremy)Jeremy has done a nice job combining some eras in the Stars history and also including a piece of an unsued jersey. I think this could be good as a 3rd jersey. I just don't really care for the bronze stripe on the collar. Maybe black might be better?

New York Rangers concepts (by Jack)Jack has altered the Rangers jerseys a bit. He's added shoulder patches to the home blues. The road whites get the same treatment along with new striping and the removal of the Rangers' unique yokes. My favourite part of the changes is something I think the Rangers should actually do and that is have the "NEW YORK" script on the road sweaters and "RANGERS" on the homes.

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Kyle C.)Kyle uses a Ducks logo from PuckDrawn.com. The logo itself uses a great colour palette and that helps the jerseys. The striping is the same as the Ducks' pre-Edge 3rd sweater.
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Brandon said...

Don't get me wrong, Kyle's Ducks set is well put together and looks great. But to me, those look too much like sharks jerseys.

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