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After a quick informal poll this week, for the next competition here on HJC we will be reviving the DHL (Defunct Hockey League).That's right, a wildcard contest that wasn't even on the list! About a year and a half ago I started to design new sweaters for a bunch of defunct teams. While my original intention, 18 months ago, was to do 16 teams (I only completed 10 teams) for the contest the league has been streamlined down to its "Original 6". I'll give you guys all of the details on Monday when the contest starts. This contest will run for about 4-5 weeks! All the info to come on Monday...

Of course I have to give Committee Members one final reminder that the Heritage Classic "Top 5" voting ends tonight (Sunday) @ 11:59pm EST.

New Jersey Devils concept (by WhiteLightning)I instantly see a re-coloured "Buffa-slug" jersey when I look at this. Seeing as the logo, NOB, and numbers have a white outline maybe a white outline around the red portions of the sweater would look good? The execution of this concept is pretty good except for the pixelated outline of the primary crest.

New Jersey Devils concept (by Spirit104)I like the attempt by Spirit to change up the Devils a little bit. Their name cries out for a black alternate jersey, but that will never happen with Cpt. Lou in charge. I think this concept might be even better if it were red instead of black.

Washington Capitals concept (by MasonII)This concept just doesn't work for me. It looks like there were spaces to fill and they were filled at random with Capitals colours. Maybe if the whole jersey was red or blue and then behind the arm stripes was the other colour.

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Caleb)I like what this concept could be because I like the striping, but the execution is bad. Some lines aren't straight, jersey stitching has been randomly drawn over or erased, logo on the white jersey has rouge pixels around it, and there are no TV numbers or shoulder patches (if applicable).

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Alan)Alan takes the design from the bottom of the pre-Edge Avs jersey and applies it as an arm stripe. Cool idea! I'm a traditionalist so it's hard for me to like this a lot, but I do think it would look great without the full sleeve and just the "mountain" design arm stripe.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Avi)This is a Heritage Classic concept by Avi, which the Canucks could do as they own the rights to the Vancouver Millionaires brand. This is a really good combination of the Millionaires and the inaugural Canucks jersey. COTW nomination from me. Speaking of the Vancouver Millionaires you can look forward to seeing them in the DHL.
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Avi said...

ryan will i be able to use my canucks heritage concept for the dhl contest?

Ryan said...

@Avi: Yes, you'll get all of the rules on Monday. I'm allowing all types of jerseys for the contest, including exact retro jerseys (if that's what people want to do). A specific jersey noted for an "outdoor game" will not be allowed.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't reading the blog when you had the DHL so I'm excited for it.

cody said...

oh yeah! my idea has become a reality! the DHL is back and i know what teamim bringing back for sure. are you makeing a new tempoate ior are wqe allowed to use the nhl template?

Ryan said...

@Cody: All of the info will be included with Monday's post.

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