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Week of November 7-13, 2011

Yesterday's post was titled "Last Batch of Heritage Classic Entries?". That question has been answered with a resounding NO! Here are all of the last minute entries.

Heritage Classic Competition Entries

Heritage Classic concepts (by Brendan A.)

Heritage Classic concepts (by Eric W. #1 @TOR)
Heritage Classic concepts (by Eric W. #2 @VAN)
Heritage Classic concepts (by John B.)
Heritage Classic concepts (by Nevill #1)
Heritage Classic concepts (by Nevill #2)
Heritage Classic concepts (by Torin)
Heritage Classic concepts (by WhiteLightning #1 @VAN)
Heritage Classic concepts (by WhiteLightning #2 @WPG)
Heritage Classic concepts (by WhiteLightning #3 @MTL)

Voting for Committee Members now begins for the Heritage Classic Competition. Again, it will be the "Top 5" voting system. There are a few people who have submitted multiple entries, so be sure to clearly note which entry you are voting for. If it is unclear which entry you are voting for, then that vote becomes void. You can see all of the entries by clicking on the banner on the right or going to the HERITAGE CLASSIC COMP tab. Voting runs until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

Also starting today is the COTW vote for Committee Members. Nominees are listed on the left side of the page and can be seen on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab.Voting runs until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

Also ending at that time will be the COTY-October vote. Committee Members can also email that vote in at anytime until the end of Thursday.

Finally, another possible Flyers Winter Classic concept has come out.This one comes from The Orange Update. The specific link has now disappeared, but Yahoo's Puck Daddy picked up on the story, which you can check out here. Yahoo has since updated their post to say that a Flyers' exec says that the concept is NOT the jersey, but I think we'd all expect that answer.

Below are all concepts that have claimed to be THE Winter Classic jersey.The one on the left I found on the internet with a simple Google images search. However, it is not to be found anymore...hmmm. The one in the middle was supplied by Kevin who works in the Flyers' team store and a son of one of the coaches described that jersey to him as the Winter Classic sweater. Now we have the new concept on the right, provided by The Orange Update, but now the link has mysteriously disappeared.

We will have to wait a couple more weeks to find out if any of these are correct. So much thought put into what the Flyers will be wearing on January 2nd, but we haven't seen or heard of one "leak" for the Rangers.
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Kevin said...

The new alleged jersey is based off of a new player sweatshirt that has come in, the jersey i made was based off of a long sleeve shirt found in the store as well but the one on the left i have never seen before. According to my manager, more adjustments have been made to the jerseys but there are no details to the changes. If anything else comes up ill let HJC know

dannyduke said...

I just wanna say three thumbs up to Eric W's Canucks Heritage jersey... Wow! That's one amazing concept!!!

thesensfan99 said...

Love the Vancouver concept by John B

cody said...

like the poppy in the backround ryan! great way to represent our troops. btw, is it ok if i still send in my heritage classic jerseys evenj though they dont count for the contest?

Ryan said...

@Kevin: could you run that concept on the left by someone at your work. See if you can get a comment on it?

@Cody: yeah of course. Send it in.

Kevin said...

@Ryan, e-mailed my manager today and this is the exact email from him

RE: Kevin, the Winter Classic jersey the Flyers will wear have been modified further than what the internet has made it out to seem to be actually be. These speculations are all false as the design is yet to be seen by most team officials. As you are curious to what the design looks like, I can tell you that the designs in the middle and right have been thought of but are not the exact design. When the jerseys go on sale sometime towards the holiday season, I will keep you as well as everyone else informed on the details of the uniforms. Thank you

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