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Week of November 14-20, 2011

A new week brings with it COTW nominees. Those nominees are listed on the left side of the page. To see the concepts click that banner or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Committee Members have until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST to email me their vote.

On the topic of voting, the Heritage Classic Competition voting ended last night. The winner with 26 points is Brian B. with his Rangers @ Canucks concepts!The results of the vote are below.Here's a final link to the entries' gallery which I'll leave up for another day.

Another sweater has been added to my collection!It came today in the mail. This is the one I ordered from Sportsk.com.This was very high on my wishlist. I thought I was going to have to purchase this year's alternate and a Winter Classic patch separately to make my own WC jersey. Thankfully Sportsk.com was having a sale on Malkin WC jerseys 2XL only, so I got one. Of course as a giant jersey nerd I started to nitpick the thing. The numbers on the back aren't tackle twill, they are the same material as what the shoulder patches are usually made from on Reebok replicas. I kind of expected that though for the discounted price. Secondly, a thread from inside the collar had accidentally been stitched around the collar. Luckily I was able to fix that myself. I would definitely order from Sportsk.com again, maybe just not a sweater with numbers. Also, it only took 5 business days to get here! You can check out the rest of my jersey collection HERE.

The next competition here on HJC will be the DHL (Defunct Hockey League).About a year and a half ago I started to design new sweaters for a bunch of defunct teams. While my original intention, 18 months ago, was to do 16 teams I only completed 10 teams. For our contest the league has been streamlined down to its "Original 6". Click on the banner on the right or the DHL tab to get all of the info, rules and to see which teams we will be designing first. We are going to be designing teams in one week blocks, two at a time.

Here are the logos that must be used as primary logos for this week's teams:

California Golden Seals
Montreal Maroons

Hartford Whalers concepts (by Cody)Here's a team that has been left out of the DHL, but Cody still supplies us with a set for them. Execution needs work here as there are no TV numbers and some of the stitching is green, or blue, or grey.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by MasonII)I think a lot of people want to see the Canucks try a green sweater. The V Johnny Canuck logo looks good as the primary crest here. The thing I would change is to have a green outline on the player's number instead of silver.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by WhiteLightning)It looks like White's home and road jerseys have been inspired by the "Robo-Penguin" jerseys from the 90's. The 90's also looked like they inspired that 3rd jersey. That's the bad part of the 90's, not the good parts.

New York Islanders concept (by Spirit104)I really like the striping on this concept. I think this would be a great 3rd jersey. The striping reminds me of the Bossy era jerseys, but obviously it is different. I'll also take the 4 white stripes to represent the 4 straight Cups. COTW nomination from me!
Week of November 14-20, 2011 Reviewed by Ryan on November 14, 2011 Rating: 5


spirit104 said...

You were right Ryan, thats what the white stripes were ment for

Tex said...

As much as I like the Pens Winter Classic jersey, I think they missed the mark. They had a golden(no pun intended) opportunity to bring back the Sunday Golds, or one the 80s jerseys at Heinz Field, it would've been epic, with the terrible towels twirling n'at. But again they insisted on the double blue era.

As for White lightnings set, I love the home and roads, and then there's the third. If it wasn't included, I would give it a COTW nomination, but the while pigeon thing is throwing me off, other wise it's a great set.

Brian said...

Wow, Can't believe I won the HC competition!

Kevin said...

Ryan, it seems most of your jerseys are blanks, do you prefer blanks over player jerseys?

Ryan said...

@Kevin: I think it just comes down to the fact that blank jerseys are cheaper and I want things ASAP. I can always number the sweaters later on.

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