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Week of Nov. 28 - Dec. 4, 2011

The Rangers unveiled their 2012 Winter Classic sweaters moments ago. Here's a look at them.My instant analysis is that they are one of my favourite Classic sweaters yet. Not quite as good as the 2010 Bruins, but pretty close. The vintage white even seems a little more subtle than I expected and I think it will look really good on the ice. I will have the blank template and more reaction to this sweater posted tomorrow. In the meantime, what do you think of it? Out of 10, what would you give it?
The COTW nominees are now listed on the left side of the page. There were lots of nominations this week, but these 5 were the ones that were "seconded".The nominees' concepts can be seen on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. We're going to need a lot of Committee Members to vote this week if we don't want a tie. Thus, Committee Members get your COTW vote in before Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

The votes have been cast and here are the official DHL jerseys for the Montreal Maroons and California Golden Seals.

Montreal Maroons jerseys (by Alan)California Golden Seals jerseys (by HJC)
The results of the Maroons vote is below.
The results of the Golden Seals vote is below.

Here are some last minute entries that came in for the Piitsburgh and Toronto concept phase.

Toronto Blueshirts DHL entry (by Elias)
Pittsburgh Pirates DHL entry (by Kyle C.)
Pittsburgh Pirates DHL entry (by Nevill)

Now it's time for Committe Members to vote for their "Top 5" Pirates concepts and Blueshirts concepts! Go to the DHL page and click on the team names to see the entries. You have until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST to cast your votes!

It's also time to start accepting DHL entries for the Vancouver Millionaires and the Brooklyn Americans! Go to the DHL page to get the logos and to make sure that you follow all of the requirements.

With the Rangers releasing their Winter Classic sweaters today, I thought I'd go ahead and post the Rangers Winter Classic concepts that are sitting in the inbox.

New York Rangers concept (by Scott)
New York Rangers concept #1 (by Avi)
New York Rangers concept (by Josh)
New York Rangers concept (by Jose)
New York Rangers concept #2 (by Avi)
New York Rangers concept (by Brian B.)
New York Rangers concept (by Scott)

What do you guys think of the Rangers' Winter Classic sweaters? Do you like any of the above concepts better?
Week of Nov. 28 - Dec. 4, 2011 Reviewed by Ryan on November 28, 2011 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

Avi's Rangers #2 concept for COTW by the way!

spirit104 said...

I love the WC jersey's but Ryan, I agree with you that Boston is the best, but this is my second favorite.

cody said...

same here. loving that set. also im shocked. i got 2 points for my incomplete maroons but 1 point for my seals? what a waste!

Ryan said...

@Cody: Shocked about what?

I'm shocked that you would admit to sending in an incomplete concept.

AJH said...

Wow that's a close race for the Maroons DHL concept there... Just Wow!

Brian B's Rangers Concept for the COTW!

michaelnedrow said...

Hi really good concepts guys.

Avi I was just messing around on google and found one of your old blue jackets concepts (I am pretty sure it's yours) just recolored.


Avi said...

nah, i made that. not one of my best hahah

Anonymous said...

Concerning the winter classic jerseys... I personally give a very generous 2 points out of 10. Those jerseys have nothing to do with the Rangers or Flyers uniform history. The winter classic is about celebrating the time when hockey was a game and we played it outside in the cold. If you bring back jerseys from that era, fine. But if you invent anything and put vintage white on it just to look old, then it's just a money machine. I'm not buying the concept. Oh, the two points are for the selling pitch: Rangers and Flyers fan will probably buy those.

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