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Vote or Die! ...Not Really

Ok, so the title of the post is a little harsh. It's more just to let Committee Members know that there is a lot to vote on right now...

Ending on Thursday @ 11:59pm EST is this week's COTW vote.

Also ending on Thursday @ 11:59pm EST is the COTY-October vote.

The "Top 5" voting for the Heritage Classic Competition is also ongoing. That ends on Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Check out the HERITAGE CLASSIC COMP page for all the voting details.

I'm still looking for more ideas for the next competition, which will start on Monday. So far some of the ideas are to ReDesign any team from a specific European league. My idea is to do 2012 Ottawa All Star Game jerseys. We could also just do a simple NHL team ReDesign. Keep in mind we've already done ANA, ATL, COL, DAL, EDM, FLA, OTT, and PIT).

Tonight I am heading out to the Leafs vs. Panthers game at the ACC. I may Tweet a couple of photos. If you don't follow HJC on Twitter I suggest you do. You will be notified almost immediately after a post goes up. Same goes for liking HJC on Facebook.


Calgary Flames concept (by Woody)
Vancouver Canucks concept (by Cody)

Washington Capitals concept (by Sam O.)I like the classic direction this concept is heading in. I think the stripes needed to be thicker though. Right now they look like they don't have any power. I think the Reebok tag on the back should be blue or red, not generic black. Also, the shade of red in the logo doesn't match the red used on the concept.

Quebec Nordiques concept (by Jeremy)I like the colour palette used here. I think the compass logo that has been put together isn't quite primary logo material. It seems more appropriate as a shoulder patch. I also like the font used on the back of the jersey. The really pixelated logos and jersey template really distract from what could be a nice concept.

Victoriaville Tigres concepts (by Tex)Tex gets rid of the Tigres' Reebok cookie cutter sweaters and places them in the St. Louis Blues' sweaters. These do look better than what they have, but at the same time they also look like black and gold Blues jerseys. Getting past that, the execution of the concepts is great! Everything is in place and looks nice and clean.

AHL Outdoor Classic concepts (by WinnipegJets96)Forgotten in the Winter Classic hype is the fact that the AHL will play one of its two outdoor games this year just days before the Rangers and Flyers face-off. I really like the Phantoms jersey that Jets96 has created here. The Bears' jersey, because of the colour and font choice, makes me think that they are affiliated with the Coyotes. Something small that hints towards the Capitals might have been better, in my opinion. Still the Phantoms jersey is enough to get a COTW nom from me!

University of Minnesota concepts (by Michael L.)Michael simplifies the Gophers' sweaters which I think is a great look for college hockey. Even though I like these concepts I think what they wear now is a little better. The alternate that he has created is great! I think it would be a great 3rd for the school as it has character and class and isn't just a yellow version of the regular uniforms.
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cody said...

Why not do a competition for the AHL classic then? great idea, eh?

Anonymous said...

I really like the U of M concepts. Its classic yet modern. Really like the 3rd jersey.

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