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Tuesday's Canadian Concepts

Committee Members be sure to get your COTW vote in before Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. Click the list of nominees on the left side of the page to see their concepts.

Tomorrow we get the official release of the Islanders 3rd jersey. The only thing we truly don't know is what the numbers and NOB will look like. It would be funny to see them pull back the curtain on the jersey and the few fans in attendance just groan and start booing. The only good thing about this jersey release will be that NHL 12 will finally release the jersey code to get the new alternates in the game!

The DHL Competition is now underway. Here is the jersey temp that I will be using (click & save).You absolutely DON'T have to use this template if you don't want to. I just thought it might be useful for some. Also for anyone that needs it, here is the DHL logo.The teams to design this week are the Montreal Maroons and California Golden Seals. Click on the DHL banner for all of the info.


Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Cody)
Detroit Red Wings concept (by Spirit104)

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Brian B.)Brian extends the yokes to recreate the WHA's Alberta Oilers sweater. With the retro direction that the Oilers are currently pointed in I wouldn't be surprised to see this, or something like it, on the players' backs within a few years.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by HJC)A couple of weeks ago Icethetics posted Jacob Barrette's Winnipeg Jets retro concept. I thought it was good, but I feel that the Jets, if they are to mix retro with the new identity, they should go retro with the crest as well. I don't know if the Jets fans would fully accept a retro inspired logo. So, I just mixed the new colours with the old road jersey. I also borrowed the collar idea from Jacob's concept.

Atlanta Thrashers AHL concepts (by WhiteLightning)White revives the Thrashers and places them in the AHL. I think if the Thrashers were in the AHL this is definitely what their sweaters could look like. I wonder if hockey truly has enough fans to support a minor league team? I wonder if those fans would support a MINOR league team?

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Chris)This is the Canucks' road jersey of the 90's with the current marks on it. I think this looks pretty good though personally I would change the C in the logo to red instead of yellow. The presentation is also nice and clean, which I always appreciate.

Calgary Flames concept (by Avi)Avi turns the Flames' template black for this alternate. The horse logo makes an appearance as a shoulder patch and there is a new font on the back. I would really like this as an alternate IF the Flames went full-time retro for their home and road sweaters. I'll give this a COTW nomination.
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michaelnedrow said...

What has happened to Puckdrawn.com?

cody said...

@michealnedrow i know! the concept page is down and no new posts in a long time......... its boring!

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