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Heritage Classic Entries #2

Today is the last day to vote f0r COTW. The voting closes at 11:59pm EST. I've only gotten 4 votes so far. Committee Members get your vote in before the deadline tonight.

Heritage Classic Competition Entries

Heritage Classic concepts (by D3TROIT1388)
Heritage Classic concepts (by HJC)
Heritage Classic concepts (by Kyle C.)
Heritage Classic concepts (by Shaun)
Heritage Classic concepts (by Stephen T.)
Heritage Classic concepts (by WinnipegJets96)

The deadline for Heritage Classic entries is Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

Again, as we near the end of a competition I am looking for ideas for the next competition. Right now I'm thinking "2012 All Star Game in Ottawa" competition, but I'm willing to hear what you guys want to do.


New York Americans concepts (by Stephen T.)
Detroit Red Wings concept (by Woody)

New York Islanders concept (by Jeremy)Here we have an Islanders jersey turned black and it has the Lighthouse logo. Other than that it is pretty messy and lacks the usual details that I like to see.

New York Islanders concepts (by Cody)Cody uses the fishsticks logo on the Islanders jerseys. He has also replaced TV numbers with shoulder patches. If a player were to put these jerseys on the shoulder patches would be on top of their triceps and wouldn't be very noticeable. I like the idea of logos on the arms, but they need to be moved across the sleeve so that half of it is showing in this image.

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Kris)Kris goes back to the first home and road Wild jerseys, but with the new wordmark shoulder patch. The new 3rd jersey is also included in his set, as is a new road alternate jersey! I like this idea of teams having a home and road alternate, but only if they look the same, like these do. You could wear them 7 times each, home and away.

Edmonton Oilers concepts (by Kevin)Kevin made concepts for one of the teams in the NHL that has near perfect jerseys as is. That always makes it difficult to create quality concepts for those teams. Pretty good concepts here, but I much prefer the home to the road. I also like how the numbers seem to have the same sort of style as the "OILERS" in the logo. One thing to watch for, the logo Kevin used has a different shade of blue than used on the jerseys.
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Joni said...

IIHF redesign. Canada, Finland, Czech Republic or possibly Hungary from the Division 1.

cody said...

like that wild set! great 4th jersey. teams should have a 4th by now and here are some ideas:
isles: fishstick jersey
kings: purple or grey with burger king
leafs white version of 3rd
ducks: gold WW jersey with mighty ducks logo
canes: grey jersey
oilers: bring back oildrop logo
sharks: orange version of seals jersey to honour there original team
panthers: red and light blue jersey
stars: yellow jersey
sens: white version of heritage
bolts: "bolts" jersey with new
logo in white
jets: light blue or grey/red alt
habs: blue or candycane jersey
bruins: brown bear jersey
hawks: black jersy with old school striping

Glen said...

@Ryan: You spelled "Vancouver" wrong on the bottom of your concept.

Ryan said...

Ahh damn. Yeah I did. It's my wireless keyboard, the battery is slowly running out and I'm trying to make it last as long as possible. So sometimes it doesn't catch all of the key strokes.

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