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As I do everyday, I was browsing the boards at CCSLC and came across THIS new thread. Apparently frequent contributor Cody is starting a "Dynasty Hockey League" concept thread over there. Oddly, the logo for that league is the EXACT same logo for HJC's DHL. Seriously, how long have I been preaching that we have to give credit where credit is due? It is one of the most fundamental policies of HJC! However, Cody seems to think that it is okay to just take something for himself and use it without giving someone proper credit. Obviously it's an amateur logo, but if he had simply gone through the proper methods and asked me to use it I would have said yes.

At the request of HJC, Cody has now removed the logo from the thread. As I had explained to him, if he had asked at first to use the logo I would have had no problem with it.

The Top 5 voting for the DHL entries continues until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Committee Members can send in their Top 5 votes for Montreal and California before then.

The COTW vote also continues, but it ends on Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. Committee Members can also vote for that up until that time.

Pittsburgh & Toronto DHL entries #2

Pittsburgh DHL entry (by Alan)
Pittsburgh DHL entry (by Avi)
Pittsburgh DHL entry (by John T.)
Pittsburgh DHL entry (by Stephen T.)

Toronto DHL entry (by Alan)

Toronto DHL entry (by Brandon C.)
Toronto DHL entry (by John T.)
Toronto DHL entry (by Thomas)
You have until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST to get your Pittsburgh & Toronto DHL entries in!

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Torin)I like the home, away, and classic, but these lack TV numbers and/or shoulder patches. Also, on the classic jersey the logo looks a little too big. With a little refining these concepts would look great. It's the attention to the little details that push concepts into another level.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Spirit104)I like the look of the home and road sweaters. Such as the Kings' actual sweaters, they use what could be boring colours yet still give the jerseys some life. I like the direction of the logo on the 3rd jersey, but I think the font needs some restructuring. The KINGS shoulder be wider and taller and I think the LA should be stout, but stretched out a little more.

St. Louis Blues concepts (by WinnipegJets96)On the home jersey the logo has too many loose white pixels around it. I like the jersey except for the white at the hem. I think that should be blue, same blue as the jersey itself. There are a lot of different colours on these jerseys. The logo uses a different yellow than what is found on the jerseys and the yellow numbers use a black outline. On top of that, the jerseys use two shades of blue. I like the two blue shades, but I think everything else needs to be streamlined.

Kitchener Rangers concepts (by Scott)Scott creates a new set of sweaters for the OHL's Kitchener Rangers by taking their awesome 3rd jersey and applying the primary logo to it. He's then created a white version for road games. I think this would be a good move for Kitchener as it would start them on a path to creating their own identity.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Tex)Looks like Tex has created a simplified jersey from the 90's. I really like the slightly wider numbers used and the choice to use a 2 coloured collar instead of three colours. I think the Reebok styled arm stripes would look better if they were just straight. Same goes for the stripes on the pants. If you want an angled look why not use two thin stripes, and spread them wider to make a V? This does get a COTW nomination from me!

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Steven G.)I hate the Sens, but I love this jersey set! I really like the pattern in the red stripes (I don't know what those are called). One thing though, the pattern on the back of the jersey should be going the other way, unless it is intended to meet at a point at the top? The logo used here should be seen WAY more on Sens merch. I also like how Steven avoided using collar laces when it would have been so easy to do so. One final thing, I think the shoulder patches could have used a slight outline. Black outline on the white jersey and white outline on the black one.
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cody said...

ryan i have now given credit dude. im sorry i should have asked and i cahnged the logo anyways to another one okay? so no more worrys, be happy.

Nevill said...

Steven, man, your Sens concept is superb! I say COTW for it! I love how you incorporated a more subdued Laurel leaf (Roman symbol for victory) pattern on the arms and waist as well as using a more traditional number font. Well done!

Anonymous said...

@Cody...shame on you! that was utterly pathetic!

Ryan said...

@Anon: Yes shame on Cody but he has removed the logo now and I think the lesson has been learned.

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