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New Concepts on a Thursday

I had today's post written yesterday and all set up to auto post around 3pm. Then all of a sudden the Flyers Winter Classic leak happens and boom, I'm back to editing this post!

I'm sure most of you have already checked out Icethetics' post from today. There you will find what apparently is going to be on the Flyers' backs during the Winter Classic on January 2nd. That jersey will also become their 3rd jersey for the 2012-13 season. You might also remember that I posted that concept on Monday as one of the three "Flyers Winter Classic Jerseys" that I had stored in my files. Turns out, the one I dismissed almost instantly is the real deal. There is a HJC regular who knew all along. Avi, sent me the heads up on these concepts. I responded politely to him and went about my business. I guess the egg is on my face now. Here are other jerseys that were included in that package which contained the Winter Classic sweater.

Speaking of new sweaters, for me at least, my personal jersey collection grew by one today! I welcome to the family, the Minnesota Wild's classy 3rd jersey.This thing has class written all over it. It's so classy Ron Burgundy would wear it! The jersey collection is going to grow again in the coming days as there is a new sweater currently being shipped my way. That jersey I ordered from Sportsk.com. They sell at discounted prices so I am skeptical, yet optimistic. I'll let you know all about it when I get the jersey. You can check out my entire jersey collection HERE.

Today is the last day for Committee Members to vote for the COTW and COTY-October. The COTW vote is currently a blowout, but the COTY-Ocotber vote is very close. As of this posting only 2 votes separate 1st from last! The voting ends at 11:59pm EST.

The Heritage Classic voting is also ongoing until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Two entries have quickly pulled ahead, but the others are not far back at all.

Yesterday I posted this list of potential contests. Leave a comment about which ones you want to do and the most popular one will begin on Monday!
- 2012 AHL Outdoor Classic (@Philadelphia and @Hamilton)
- A specific European league ReDesign
- 2012 All Star Game in Ottawa design
- 3rd jersey design for teams that don't have a 3rd jersey
- Quebec Nordiques return to the NHL design
- Canada vs USA series (non-IIHF)
- Florida Panthers 3rd jersey design, before they design one themselves next season
- COTW Challenge (Submit your BEST concept ever)
- New York Islanders move to Brooklyn


Calgary Flames concept (by Woody)
New York Islanders concept (by Stephen)

San Jose Sharks concept (by Kyle C.)I like the design and the fact that it is an orange jersey. I really think that using a wordmark instead of a logo was a bad choice here. I love the shield logo as a shoulder patch though!

Minnesota Wild concept (by Spirit104)Despite the very typical jersey design, I really like this! Everything seems to really fit the look the Wild are trying to achieve. My only change might be a wheat collar instead of a red one.

Minnesota Wild concept (by Mason H.)This was going to be Mason's entry into the Minnesota Winter Classic competition. He couldn't get together a concept for an opponent though. The concept itself is based on an old Minneapolis Millers jersey.

Oakland Seals concept (by WinnipegJets96)I really love this concept! First, the only drawback is the pixelated logo. However, these colours look great together. I could see this as the jersey the Seals would wear if they were still playing. COTW nomination from me!
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cody said...

jets 9g gets another COTW nom from me! wish the seals were back, even in another city. how abou making jerseys for all the old teams? kind of like bring back the old DHL project Ryan!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a Panthers 3rd jersey contest. I actually have a concept made and ready.

Tex said...

That might be a good idea, I liked the DHL.

Tex said...

I also like the COTW challenge idea. alot

Ricky Mazella said...

3rd jersey design for teams that don't have a 3rd jersey

AJH said...

I say "3rd jersey design for teams that don't have a 3rd jersey" and/or "2012 All Star Game in Ottawa design" are my picks for the next Concept Challenge.

Brandon C said...

Yeah, I agree with Cody, making jerseys for old teams is a great idea!

Jackets Color Guard said...

Last year I got a Boston Bruins and Hartford Whalers jersey from sportsk.com they both were very good quality and I believe real (not the Chinese knock-offs). but neither are the Reebok styling so I'm not sure about new jerseys.

Brandon said...

I found this on shop.nhl.com


its called a "...Uniform Banners Sweatshirt" and it does appear as though the striping here matches that on the leaked jersey

Ryan said...

@Brandon: Good eye! The banners on the hoodie at first look like they are generic banners, but after a closer inspection they appear to be the arm stripes from the Flyers jersey and what we might see from the Rangers.

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