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MTL/CALF DHL Entries #1

I got the first batch of DHL entries over the last 24 hours, and here they are.

Montreal DHL entry (by Alan)
Montreal DHL entry (by Brian B.)
California DHL entry (by Brian B.)

The entry phase for Montreal and California closes on Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

COTW voting continues and Committee Members have until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST to email their vote in.


Crystal Beach Seals concepts (by Chuckie)
Dallas Stars concepts (by Torin)

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Cody)I like where the purple jersey is going, but I don't think those white armpits work well. The white jersey, while just being an opposite of the home, looks like a random mash of the colours. I understand the idea of providing two gloves in the template, but this looks like the players have 2 right hands. Also where are TV numbers or shoulder patches?

Nashville Predators concept (by Spirit104)I love this simple Preds concept from Spirit! I'm also really looking forward to the day that the Preds decide they want to add a 3rd jersey to their stellar set. I think something like this would be awesome. My favourite feature is the NASHVILLE on the back hem. COTW nomination from me!

Boston Bruins concept (by Mason H.)This concept is based on the very popular NHL hoodie series that most teams have on sale. Except Mason has used the retro logo from the Winter Classic. I like this and I would only switch around the colours used on the players' numbers.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Colin)Colin made this based on the US National soccer team's kit. I think it's a great design, but it might be more accepted by fans if it were a shirt or some other merchandise. It would probably look best as a polo that you could customize with a player's name and number.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Avi)Avi bases this off of the original Blue Jackets' jersey. He's also switched to a more traditional block font. The shoulder patch is his own Frankenstein logo. I think I'd prefer it with the usual font and a little bit of red in the shoulder patch.
MTL/CALF DHL Entries #1 Reviewed by Ryan on November 16, 2011 Rating: 5


Avi said...

ryan: i based my cbj concept off of the cleveland barons uniforms

Ryan said...

Sorry Avi. I forgot to include that in my notes.

PS - Anyone who has info like that is more than welcome to include it on their concept.

Tommy Gentz said...

COTW for Avi. LOVE the addition of red on the sleeves. Seams to be more of a home than a alt due to the close similarities to the home

Tyler said...

I 2nd the nomination for spirit104 COTW

cody said...

Avi for Cotw! not a big fan of the blue jackets jerseys but this one is amazing!

Nicolaii Chiamik said...

Chuckie's concepts are downright random. Two concepts in a row he has picked teams that don't exist. I do like the script on the alt though on his. The font is just sloppy on all of them. His Clarencea ones were at least somewhat decent.

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