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Maple Leafs Concepts and More

I thought I was going to have a new jersey in my collection to post today. However the store I went to had terrible availability, size wise anyways. They didn't even have the Jets jerseys in yet. I asked a guy there if they were getting them in and he told me that they were already supposed to have come in and no one knew where they were! Ah well, I do have a new jersey on the way. It is currently being shipped to me and when it arrives I'll share it here.

A lot of votes came in yesterday and that's great! For any Committee Members who have yet to vote, the COTW & COTY-October votes end on Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. The "Top 5" Heritage Classic voting runs until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Get your votes in!

I brainstormed some possible competition ideas yesterday. I've listed them below, so let me know in the comments section which ones you like and we'll start with the most popular one on Monday!

- 2012 AHL Outdoor Classic (@Philadelphia and @Hamilton)
- A specific European league ReDesign
- 2012 All Star Game in Ottawa design
- 3rd jersey design for teams that don't have a 3rd jersey
- Quebec Nordiques return to the NHL design
- Canada vs USA series (non-IIHF)
- Florida Panthers 3rd jersey design, before they design one themselves next season
- COTW Challenge (Submit your BEST concept ever)
- New York Islanders move to Brooklyn


Colorado Avalanche concept (by Jeremy)
Calgary Flames concept (by Woody)

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by WinnipegJets96)It was announced that later this season the Leafs will honour Mats Sundin by raising his number to the rafters. Jets96 has created this St. Pats fauxback to be worn for the occasion. I like the design, which seems to be based off of the Leafs' former 3rd jersey. I just don't think the idea makes sense as Sundin never played for the St. Pats. Would be cool to see a St. Pats jersey for an outdoor game.

Toronto Maple Leafs concepts (by Thomas)The home and road jerseys aren't my favourite. I think the arm stripes come across as inconsistent. I can see what they are meant to be, but it's indicated otherwise by the hem stripes. I like the alternate, but the only thing I would change is to make the stripes a touch thinner. Also, on all of these concepts the Reebok logo could be coloured properly. It's the small details that make people really appreciate concepts.

Toronto Maple Leafs concepts (by Stephen T.)A really nice job here by Stephen on the home and road to combine the Leafs of the 30's with the late 60's Leafs. If they are meant to be a set I think the striping should be consistent on both. The alternate is cool too, but in my opinion a solid white collar would look better. Good job all around though!

Norfolk Admirals concepts (by Scott)Scott and I both think that the Admirals have one of the best jerseys in the AHL with the current road sweater. Unfortunately their home jersey is just a Reebok cookie cutter jersey. Scott has fixed that with his concepts here. This would be one of the best sets in the AHL. However, I think the collar laces aren't needed. They seem like laces for laces sake. COTW nomination from me!
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Joni said...

Helsingin Jokerit redesign!

cody said...

Jets9g fior cotw! loving that st.pats jersey.

Avi said...

i really like that logo jeremy used for his avs concept

michaelnedrow said...

Why is there a flower in the HJC Logo? The website also doesn't load when you first type in the address, you have to hit refresh. This has happened on three computers today, and I don't know if it's the website or what; just thought you should know.

Ryan said...

@Michael: The flower is a poppy, which Canadians (and other countries) wear over their hearts to remember those who have served the country. It all leads to Remembrance Day on November 11th. Very similar to Veteran's Day in the US.

DCamp said...

What rock have you been sleeping under????? Seriously!!!
Another idea for the next Contest. How about a military inspired concept? design an Army, Navy, Air Force Jersey... a military tribute jersey, etc...

Tyler said...

I like the florida jersey idea...

Connor Hanley said...

I think 2012 All Star game is the best idea for the next contest.

Tex said...

Stephen concept for COTW.

I think we should do the Panthers competition, that sounds like a good one.

cody said...

i said this once b4 and i will say it again: AHL Classic Design! Or bring back the Nords contest please! lets go nordiques

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