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Courtesy ColorWerx, here are the official images of the new Ottawa Senators shoulder patches.And the patch found on the pants of the alternate sweater.

I also have to remind Committee Members to get their COTW vote in before Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

Also Committee Members can get their "Top 5" votes in for the Pittsburgh and Toronto DHL entries. That ends on Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

On weekends, starting this weekend, I will be posting tutorials. If you have an idea for a tutorial or you want to write one yourself, leave a comment at the end of this post or email me.

I asked yesterday and didn't get much response, so I will ask again if you guys are interested in doing a create-your-own arena competition? It would only require a seating chart.

Brooklyn & Vancouver DHL Entries #2

Vancouver DHL entry (by Brendan A.)
Vancouver DHL entry (by Stephen T.)

Brooklyn DHL entry (by D3troit1388)

Brooklyn DHL entry (by John T.)
Brooklyn DHL entry (by Julien)
Brooklyn DHL entry (by Nevill)
Brooklyn DHL entry (by Stephen T.)
Brooklyn DHL entry (by Steven G.)
Brooklyn DHL entry (by Thomas)

Minnesota Wild concept (by Jeremy)Not too bad of a jersey design here. A couple things that I think would make it look better are a vintage white collar and the use of the classic circle logo as the primary crest. There are some uncoloured pixels on the collar and some random pixels in the arm stripes. Just need to clean this up a bit.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Brian B.)This is a vintage white version of the Jackets' 3rd jersey. Where are the TV numbers? I get if you don't feel like doing them (I guess), but if that's the case then only send in the front of the jersey. You would also want to fluff up your image so that it doesn't look so boring.

New York Islanders concept (by Brandon S.)I like the striping of the jersey. The use of the 2 shades of Islanders' blue looks good. I say that because I have a similar concept coming up soon. I like the direction of the logo, but I think it would be better if it wasn't enclosed in the crest. If it was the wordmark, same as the real 3rd jersey, and the NY with the island in place of where the numbers is on the 3rd, that would be cool!

St. Louis Blues concepts (by WhiteLightning)I love the home and road jerseys! I think that trumpet logo is IDEAL as a shoulder patch. Then just as the home and road sweaters suck me in, the 3rd jersey loses me. I'm not a fan of the logo in white or the outlined yoke. The jersey just looks a little too plain for me.

Chicago Blackhawks concepts (by Steven G.)Steven takes the Hawks in a new direction here. I really like how the simplified shoulder patch looks on these concepts. I like the use of it on the arm stripes as well. That's something I'd like to see from the Hawks if there is to be a new 3rd jersey in the future.

New Jersey Devils concepts (by Matt V.)This is Matt's first contribution to HJC and I think he's done a really great job! You don't see too many Devils concepts and I think that's because they have it pretty close to perfect right now. These concepts are inspired by the sweaters of the 80's and I think that really shows well on the road jersey (my favourite). I'm not really liking the Classic sweater though. It's not bad, but it's just so typical. Either way, this set is great and gets a COTW nomination from me!
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Brandon C said...

On Matt V's winter classic jersey, the number on the back is 56 while the tv numbers are 12.

Brian said...

The reason why my Blue Jackets concept didn't include numbers is because the ones available are hard to recolor in paint. So I just left them alone.

cody said...

matt v. for cotw! yes he made a tv number mistake but the rest of that jersey is looking great.

Colin M. said...

Stephen T. Just a comment on your presentation. When you use the team colours used on your jersey as your background colours, the jersey does not pop as much, and often striping details get overshadowed. Your intentions (making your presentation look better, avoiding a boring white background) are great, but some times going with a plain background will actually make your work on the jerseys stand out more.

thesensfan99 said...

Steven G.'s Blackhawks concept for COTW

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