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Last Day to Vote for COTW

Happy Thanksgiving to all of HJC's American readers! If you're reading this then you've managed to fit HJC into your busy holiday schedule of turkey, football, and parades. Thanks!

Today is the last day to vote for COTW. As of this posting, only 4 votes have been cast. Nominees are listed on the left side of the page and voting ends at 11:59pm EST.

Voting also goes on, in Top 5 format, for the DHL's California Golden Seals and Montreal Maroons entries. Committee Members, make sure to get your votes in (for each team) before Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

Pittsburgh & Toronto DHL entries #3

Pittsburgh DHL entry (by Scott)
Pittsburgh DHL entry (by Stéphane)

Toronto DHL entry (by Stephen T.)

Quebec Nordiques concept (by Zach)
I like the hem stripe idea that Zach has used here. I'm not so sure that the panels of white really work here. It seems like this jersey can't decide whether it's a white or blue sweater. I'd go all blue. There are also some pixels around the tip of the collar that have not been filled in. This is just a personal thing, I don't know how others feel about it, but I don't like when people don't properly colour the Reebok logo on the back of the jerseys. I hate when they just leave it black from the template.

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Torin)Some nice simple Avs concepts from Torin here. The shade of Avalanche red used in the logo is not the same as the shade used on the jersey. It's also very patchy around the shading on the full body models. I'd suggest taking the time to go over those with the paint brush or pencil tool. It seems a little sloppy.

Houston Aeros concepts (by WinnipegJets96)Jets96 gives the AHL's Aeros a WHA Aeros inspired makeover. These jerseys are actually the same (except for the logo) as the WHA team's jerseys that they were wearing for their back-to-back Avco Cup championships in 1974 and '75. I like this idea for a couple of specialty jerseys, but I think they would have even worked better had the new Minnesota Wild inspired wordmark been used.

Nashville Predators concept (by Spirit104)This one just isn't for me. I appreciate that Spirit tried to do something different, but the big arm stripes and curved hem stripe just don't look good. That's just my opinion though. What does everyone else think of this concept?

Dallas Stars concept (by MasonII)This one is based off of the AHL's Texas Stars' 3rd jersey. It also resembles the new Islanders 3rd jersey. Does it look any better in Stars colours? I think I'd prefer it in green.

AHL Outdoor Classic concepts (by Scott)There will be a 2nd Outdoor Classic in the AHL this season and it will take place in Hamilton. I'm actually trying to go to this game, but info on it is sparse. I like the Marlies' jersey except for the light blue outline around the leaf, even though they do that on the regular logo. The Bulldogs' jersey looks like two jerseys stitched together. I like the candy striping, but maybe it should just stick to the socks? The shading on the full body models also needs to blend better with the colours. Hopefully more info about this game, scheduled for January 21, is released soon.
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cody said...

Jets96 for cotw! loving those AHL jerseys.

Steven Grant said...

Scott for cotw. That Hamilton jersey is amazing.

Scott Markiewicz said...

I have trouble trying to get the shading on the full body templates to work so i get frustrated and send it in the way they are. If there are any tricks PLEASE LET ME KNOW, THANKS!!!

Ryan said...

Scott, if you work in Photoshop or Paint.net you should have the shading in its own layer. Just adjust the transparency of the shading layer.

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