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Heritage Classic Entries #3

The COTW vote ended last night. Winning his 2nd COTW is Brian D. with his Sabres concepts! You can see the winning concepts on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. The results of the vote are below.

Brian D. - 3
Alan - 2
Avi - 1
Steven G. - 1

That moves us right into the COTY-October vote! Wow, the year is really flying by. The COTY-October entrants are listed on the left side of the page.You can see them by clicking on that banner or going to the 2011 COTY page. This vote runs until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. Committee Members can email their vote in until then.

The common Reebok sock template that is used has always bugged me personally. Usually it is drawn with a black Velcro tab at the top. As you can see from the picture below, courtesy my Maple Leafs game-used socks collection, that the real socks do not have that tab.Only the replicas sold in stores have the Velcro tab. I also adjusted the stitching pattern and added the Reebok tag to better replicate an authentic sock. I will place this on the TEMPLATES page.

Heritage Classic Competition Entries

Heritage Classic concepts (by Brian B.)
Heritage Classic concepts (by Glen)
Heritage Classic concepts (by Joni)
Heritage Classic concepts (by Martin)
Heritage Classic concepts (by Mason H.)
Heritage Classic concepts (by Ricky)
I'm loving all of the entries that are coming in!


Los Angeles Kings concept (by Jeremy)
Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Woody)

Peoria Prancers concepts (by WinnipegJets96)This team had a very short history in the IHL (1982-84) Check out their actual sweaters and also the bucket that the goalie is wearing! Nothing wrong with the execution of the concepts, but it looks as if Jets96 has taken some cool unique jerseys and replaced them with Reebok cookie cutter jerseys.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Kris)Kris has the Kings going full-time 80's retro for these jerseys, with a slight modification onto the Flyers' template. He's also included a white alternate, which would have been cool for that era if they had a 3rd jersey like this.

New York Rangers concept (by HJC)I was thinking about last summer when we were hearing rumours that the Rangers were going to use their old early 80's blue sweater as an alternate. Obviously they didn't, but I took some of those elements and combined them with elements from the 3rd jersey to create this. I then took the liberty off adding retro shoulder patches.

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Michael N.)These are cool concepts. The shoulder patches don't seem to have been rotated properly (unless it's supposed to be like that). These walk the fine line of using green and white, but not looking like Christmas themed sweaters. I like the green one the best, but I think the NOB needs a white outline to be more legible.
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Scott Markiewicz said...

Ryan's Rangers concept for COTW!

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