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Happy Birthday HJC!

Today HJC turns 2!On November 22nd, 2009 I launched this blog in its current form and its just been rolling ever since. Many artists have come and gone, but a few have stayed. I can remember that Glen was the first person ever to submit a concept to HJC. Tex has probably been contributing concepts the longest, the most consistently. Last year I launched a "new look" blog, which is what you see now. Judging from the HJC Survey responses so far, it seems like this look has run its course and it will soon be time for a new one!

For anyone who has yet to fill out the survey, please do. It will help HJC get better. Even if you just stop in to look at the concepts I encourage you to answer the survey. If you want to answer anonymously you can do that too. Just click the banner on the left.

Also on the left side of the page are the COTW nominees. Committee Members, get your COTW vote in before Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

DHL "Top 5" voting is currently happening for the Montreal & California entries. Go to the DHL page and click on those team names to see the entries. Then Committee Members can email in their Top 5 votes, one set of votes for each team.

More on the Flyers Winter Classic jersey. Kevin, a frequent contributor and Flyers team store employee, was able to get the sweater that Brayden Schenn was modeling yesterday!
He also kept me updated on everything that was going on last night after the reveal. Apparently, the team store ordered in 650 units (500 blank and 150 with #28 Giroux) and they sold them all!
Below is the blank template for the jersey. You can find this and other blanks on a link under the TEMPLATES tab titled "NHL Team Templates".

Here is the first set of Toronto and Pittsburgh DHL entries.

Pittsburgh DHL entry (by Brandon S.)
Pittsburgh DHL entry (by Cody)
Pittsburgh DHL entry (by Jason)
Pittsburgh DHL entry (by Shaun)

Toronto DHL entry (by Shaun)

Toronto DHL entry (by WinnipegJets96)
You have until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST to get your entries in.

New York Rangers concept (by Josh)A couple things to note on this concept. Keep the shades of red consistent. The shade on the collar and front left arm are different from the rest of the jersey. Careful with your logo placement. You lost some blue on the left side of the Winter Classic logo. The numbers could also use a little more life and they need to be bigger. I think the actual Winter Classic jersey will use arm stripes very similar to what Josh has used here, but I don't think there will be a shoulder yoke.

Dallas Stars concepts (by John T.)John tries to simplify the Stars look. He has done that will the removal of green, but at the same time I think he's taken away some of their character. I also think the logos would be better if they switched places.

Nashville Predators concept (by Jeremy)I like the possible direction that this concept is headed, but there are a few execution errors. The logos have lost pixels all around them. The guitar pick shoulder patch is barely recognizable and the TV numbers get lost in the blue arms because they are also blue. Also, they way it is drawn here, there would be two guitar picks on the shouler. One over the 3 and another over the 5 on the right arm.

Boston Bruins concepts (by Kyle C.)Kyle adds blue to the Bruins look which is based on the flag of Boston. This one is just not working for me. As just a concept it's fine, but if it's also supposed to be logical...well then it's not. Why mess with a good thing. The black and yellow of the Bruins is established. It's like adding green to the Coke brand. Also, the back collar on the white jersey has left un-coloured.

New York Islanders concept (by Roger)Roger creates this orange concept with some former jerseys in mind. We get the Lighthouse logo on the shoulders, nice move! Also, the numbers from the old orange alternate return. I like this a lot for some reason. I think it's because, to me, it seems somewhat traditional yet also different. COTW nomination!

AHL Outdoor Classic concepts (by Scott)These jerseys REALLY go classic. The Bears are a classic team so that is nice and simple. It would look great outdoors. Scott has also done a nice job using that new Adirondack script and placing it on a Quakers inspired jersey. These are two great choices and almost perfectly executed. My only gripe would be the shading on the full body models. It should blend more with the colours of the jersey rather than just being grey blobs. Still, a fantastic job here by Scott!
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Avi said...

kevin: is the jersey you got a team issued/authentic? or just a replica?

Chuckie said...

Does enybody know where I can find a "Buffaslug" template that uses the same template as the ones on the "NHL team templates page"? I am trying to make all of my fantasy league's concepts match, and I don't know how to transfer the design cleanly over. I could do it but I already bashed by a few people about slopiness.


Jose Luis Gutti said...

Congratulations on the second anniversary of HJC, and follow many more concepts!

Kevin said...

Avi: its replica. no one will have the legit authentic jerseys until after the originals worn during the winter classic and the alumni game go up in a charity auction. i found a blemish on my jersey that you can clearly tell it is the one worn by Schenn (not to mention we wont be getting in any Schenn WC's at all)

Ryan: congrats on two years of the site!

Ryan said...

@Kevin: In keeping with the usual way Reebok does business, they won't be producing authentic Winter Classic jerseys, right?

On that note, one VERY rare jersey that is on my wishlist is a game used 2008 Sabres Winter Classic jersey. The CCM cut that Reebok put out was nothing like what they wore that day!

Jacob said...

Scott's AHL concepts for COTW

Kevin said...

@Ryan: that's exactly it. They use unused CCM jersey that they never used to create the winter classic jerseys. Authentic won't be sold ever.

Im actually looking for a jersey of the other two winter classics myself. I don't care if its a completely different cut or not but i want the buffalo one and the detroit one as well. As of right now i have 3/5 winter classic years already

cody said...

im gonna second scotts cotw nom! also Chuckie they have a AHl template but not an NHL one dude.

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