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COTY-Oct & COTW Winners!

Two votes ended last night. The winner of the COTW vote is Steven G. in a landslide with is Winnipeg Jets concepts! The winning concept can be seen on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. The results of the vote are below.

Steven G. - 9
Kevin - 1
Spirit104 - 0

The COTY-October vote also ended and it was a little closer. Kevin's Nashville Predators concepts won this one! His concepts were not leading initially, but after the last two day voting push they moved ahead to become COTY-October. The winning concept can be seen on the 2011 COTY page. The results of the vote are below.

Kevin - 5
Avi (CLM) - 3
Avi (ANA) - 2
Brian D. - 1

The vote that remains ongoing is the Heritage Classic Competition vote. Committee Members who have yet to get their "Top 5" votes in have until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST to do so. As of this posting 1st place has 22 points and 2nd place is only behind by 1!

This week I have been posting this list of potential contests. Leave a comment about which ones you want to do and the most popular one will begin on Monday!
- 2012 AHL Outdoor Classic (@Philadelphia and @Hamilton)
- A specific European league ReDesign
- 2012 All Star Game in Ottawa design
- 3rd jersey design for teams that don't have a 3rd jersey
- Quebec Nordiques return to the NHL design
- Canada vs USA series (non-IIHF)
- Florida Panthers 3rd jersey design, before they design one themselves next season
- COTW Challenge (Submit your BEST concept ever)
- New York Islanders move to Brooklyn

In yesterday's comments Brandon left a link to a hoodie being sold on Shop.NHL.com called the "2012 Winter Classic Uniform Banner Hoodie". The banners on the jersey may indicate what the teams will be wearing as the Flyers' banner matches up with elements that we saw on yesterday's Icethetics post.Also, yesterday I pointed out that Avi guessed what the jersey would look like before we all knew, well here's the proof as THIS concept was posted on October 12!

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Sam O.)I like the stripes on the jersey, but I think they need to be thicker. The logo could also use a white outline as it's getting lost in the jersey. I think if you're going to outline the shoulders and collar, like Sam has done here with the yellow, then shoulder patches would really work well.

New York Islanders concept (by Kyle C.)Kyle took a swing at creating a black Isles sweater. The stripes are in the style of the "4 Stanley Cups" shoulder patch they had worn previously. After that I personally don't like too much about this jersey. I think more blue should be used in the logos or else this starts to look like a late 90's "black for black sake" jersey.

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by WhiteLightning)White gives you a lot of his reasoning in the left panel of his image. I like that and others are welcome to do the same with their concepts. You can even write your own description on your concepts if you want to. I like the home and road jerseys, but the lighter blue looks too close to neon blue for me.

Phoenix Coyotes concept (by Spirit104)This is a great Coyotes sweater! We don't see jerseys that only use a cuff design too often, most have arm stripes. I also like how Spirit didn't go the common route and use collar laces. COTW nomination from me.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by MasonII)Mason takes the current home and road jerseys and applies the double blue colour scheme. I can't say I'm a fan of those. I do however really like the colour change on the Winter Classic jersey to black and Vegas gold. That jersey, in those colours, with the classic number style looks really good together.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Steven G.)Steven has taken all his favourite elements from all of the Penguins' jerseys and put them together to make his "super set". These do look really good. I think I'd prefer a little more gold on the road white, but that just may be nitpicking. Eventually the Penguins have to realize that most people want some form of the 80's jerseys back, right? Who knows, maybe they're having their farm club test those waters for them this season?
COTY-Oct & COTW Winners! Reviewed by Ryan on November 11, 2011 Rating: 5


Brandon said...

When I first saw the stripes on that hoody, it appeare like the flyers and rangers stripes were the same width but upon a closer look they are different. Looking forward to both jerseys either way!

cody said...

Spirit for COTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin said...

Not to be somewhat controversial or whatever the right word for it is but who else thinks that Avi's jersey was seen by Chinese Wholesalers and copied what his artwork was for another fictional?

Ryan said...

@Kevin: I thought the same thing at first. However after looking at the pictures on Icethetics of the jersey, it's my opinion that it is real...just my opinion though. I own a fake jersey and lots of real ones. Once you own a fake you can just tell the differences. Mainly the material the patches are made from (it's way thicker on fakes).

It also interested me that on Monday when you posted the response from your manager at the team store, he/she failed to even acknowledge the actual jersey. Maybe he actually didn't know, but it still interested me a little.

Avi said...


wouldnt be the first time thats happened to a HJC poster! haha

Goal Line Design said...

@ryan Lol happened to me too. Looks kinda legit...i like that flyers one tho..


Ricky said...

MasonII for CotW!

thesensfan99 said...

Wow, Steven G for COTW
For some reason I like it better than Spirit's

Kevin said...

@Ryan my manager has been extremely secretive with what the design is so any information he has given has been very vague. It looks real to me too, i have a Flyers 2010 WC and a Capitals 2011 WC and they both are the CCM jersey material. I also have a fake Flyers WC jersey and you can see clear as day differences.
We will all know soon though as the jerseys will be released within the coming weeks.

Tex said...

As much as I hate Vegas Gold, I think Stevens set is solid. It gets a second from me.

Jose Luis Gutti said...

The assumption of the Flyers jersey, I like, I think best concepts were designed in this blog. There are better web designers than it has Reebok.

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