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COTW Winner!!!

We have a new record! Steven G. has won the COTW for the 3rd week in a row!!! You can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see his winning entry. The results of the vote are below.

Steven G. - 4
Avi - 3
Spirit104- 1

Wow, the rest of us concept artists really need to pick up our game if we are going to dethrone Steven. However, you have to give him credit as I think almost all of his concepts have been top notch!

Keep getting those "Top 5" votes in for the DHL submissions (MTL & CLF). That voting ends on Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

Only one DHL entry was sent to me in the last 24 hours...

Toronto DHL entry (by Scott)

Starting next weekend I'd like to begin posting some small tutorials. Not to say I'm the best at everything, but maybe there is something you don't know how to do that others do and you want to learn. So, if you have an idea as to what tutorial you would like to see then please leave a comment at the end of this post. When you request a tutorial, please make sure to note what program you use. Sorry, I don't know how to use GIMP, so I can't do tutorials for that. Does anyone know how to use GIMP if someone has a GIMP question?

Hartford Whalers concept (by Zach)Sorry, but there's not too much I like about this jersey. It just seems like the panels have been filled in with Whalers appropriate colours and them hem stripes and a logo were added. There are also some unfilled pixels at the tip of the collar and the Reebok logo has been left black, which doesn't really fit the colour scheme. My suggestion would be to look at what makes a concept good and/or popular and try to work that into your style.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by MasonII)The colours keep this from looking like a bad jersey, but I don't see too much creativity in it. It just looks like a Reebok cookie cutter sweater, apply Jets theme, and distribute. Execution of the concept is well done though!

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Spirit104)I like the original striping that Spirit uses. He's also put together a new logo using the old Thrashers' crest shape. I think that has potential, but there seems to be a lot of empty space in it. A little re-sizing of some elements and it would be quite good.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Mason H.)Wow, a black Flyers Winter Classic jersey looks pretty good! The thing I would change is to make the collar black.

New York Islanders concept (by Matt M.)Wham! Another 3rd jersey option for the Islanders that is better than what they use, in my opinion. I love this wordmark and thought it was going to be used when I heard the rumours of a wordmark being used. I think this jersey (and other concepts in months past) have proved that this is a superior script.

Florida Panthers concepts (by Scott)Scott first emailed me the concept with the scratch marks in the circle as the primary crest. I said it looked great, but I thought it would look even better if the logos were switched. Sure enough, he did that too and sent it in! Scott is aware of his shading situation on the full body models and he learned in the comments yesterday how to fix it. Both of these are fantastic and get a COTW nomination from me! Which of the two do you prefer?
COTW Winner!!! Reviewed by Ryan on November 25, 2011 Rating: 5


Tommy Gentz said...

Scott's alt is sick! This is the perfect direction that they should go for with a new alternate. And the paw-circle is a great logo, but better shoulderpatch. I HATE (and i really hate it a lot) their current shoulder patch with the palm tree and sun and even the "FLA" is not much better. The paw-circle is awesome and I wish they did use it. oh ya COTW of course!

michaelnedrow said...

Thanks for doing the tutorials, I would love see one that has you make simple fonts.

Ryan said...

I don't know how to make fonts.

Are you talking about how to stylize fonts?

spirit104 said...

Need help with the full body model, i use paint.net

Ryan said...

Thanks Spirit. I will put that on the list. Have I sent you the full body model for Paint.net (layered)?

That goes for anyone else as well. If you use Paint.net or Photoshop I can send you a layered version of the full body model.

Just email me.

michaelnedrow said...


Yes like the Ottawa Senators Heritage Alt (I don't remember the name, the really cool new one) font. Where, if I remember correctly you made changes and tweaked it after someone pointed out an inconsistentency.

Ryan said...


Yes, that would be a nice quick and easy tutorial. Thanks for the idea.

spirit104 said...

U haven't sent me the full body model yet Ryan.

Brandon C said...

Ryan, I would like a tutrial on how to make the full body models on MS Paint.

Ryan said...


Not much to say there, it's mainly just using the paint can and lines. but I'll try to get something about it in the layered full body tutorial.

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