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Canucks Concepts on Hump Day

Yesterday was my birthday and my wife got me the sweater that was #1 on my wishlist!I have the CCM Vintage collection of this jersey, but now I have the awesome new 3rd jersey version. I'm loving the classic ridged collar and the faux-felt logo. Now I can scratch one jersey off of that wishlist. Only 24 more to go...as of now.

COTW voting continues until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. As I am writing this only 2 votes have been cast. Be sure to get yours in before the deadline.

If any Heritage Classic entries come in tonight I will try to edit this post and share them with you!


Yukon Polar Bears NY Islanders affiliate concepts (by Cody)
Winnipeg Jets concept (by Woody)

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Thomas)You have to appreciate the attempt to do something different here. However, I feel that white might have been a better choice in place of the light blue.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Jeremy)Jeremy takes the original 1970 Canucks jersey and adds a V to the hem stripes and laces to the collar.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by WhiteLightning)We got similar home and road jersey concepts from Steven last week. White has used the inaugural 1970 blue jersey as a 3rd jersey, but he uses vintage white and also adds collar laces.

Calgary Flames concepts (by Stephen T.)It looks like Stephen has used the Flames' Heritage Classic red for these jerseys. He's also gotten rid of the flags as shoulder patches and changed the colour of the numbers. I like the look of the yellow numbers on the red jersey.

Nashville Predators concept (by Roger)I like the simplicity of the jersey. I'd prefer it without the yoke outline, but either way it is still good. It would be very acceptable as a Preds 3rd jersey.

Washington Capitals concept (by Spirit104)I like this one. The four red stripes look great and they go well with the connecting white cuffs. That pattern also looks great on the socks. Possibly the collar laces are unnecessary? The "weagle" also could have made an appearance on the shoulders. Still, I give this a COTW nomination.


Heritage Classic Entry (by Fredrik)
Heritage Classic Entry (by John T.)
Heritage Classic Entry (by Roger)

It was discussed on the Facebook page that you are allowed to enter more than one entry. However, you may not have multiple entries for the same location. So you can have a maz of 4 entries (@VAN, @WPG, @TOR, @MTL). You may use a team twice, but you may not use the same concept twice.
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Tex said...

Happy birthday, Ryan.

Ryan said...

Thx Tex. And to anyone else who intends to leave a birthday message. (Just so we don't have 20 comments that say Happy Birthday)

cody said...

i planned to kleave u one as well buddy. happy b-day. plus that caps jersey for cotw.

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