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Brooklyn & Vancouver Entries #1

I will start by reminding Committee Members of a couple of votes going on right now.

There's the COTW vote which runs until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. Nominees are on the left side of the page.

"Top 5" voting is also continuing for the DHL's Pittsburgh & Toronto entries. That vote ends on Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Go to the DHL page and click on the team names for the gallery of entries.

I would like to start posting some tutorials on the weekends, beginning with this upcoming weekend. If you have anything in mind that you'd think would make for a good tutorial, post a comment or email me. If you would like to write a tutorial to be posted, please do and I will post it on an upcoming weekend.

Also, I was thinking that a create-your-own arena contest might be cool, but I didn't know if you guys would be interested. It would require just a seating plan. If you would or wouldn't be interested please leave a comment at the end of this post.

We are currently on the last two teams for the DHL. Is everyone done with the competition after this block of teams or should it continue with more teams? Perhaps a DHL Winter Classic competition or even DHL All Star Game jerseys?

Here is the blank template for the New York Rangers Winter Classic sweater.This and other blank template can be found on the link on the TEMPLATES page titles "NHL Team Templates". 24 hours after the release and I still really like this jersey. I like that it is simple and classic yet no one was able to predict it. I like that they went with the darker colours from the 3rd jersey and I like that it is vintage white, but it isn't overbearing. I'd have to give it an 8/10!

DHL Brooklyn & Vancouver Entries #1

DHL Brooklyn entry (by Shaun)
DHL Brooklyn entry (by Stéphane)

DHL Vancouver entry (by Shaun)

DHL Vancouver entry (by Stéphane)

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Jeremy)This is a cool idea for a jersey, but there are some execution issues with the concept. The collar has some uncoloured pixels. The arm stripes and logo look very pixelated. Saving as PNG and working in a program that isn't MS Paint will help that. The hem at the front is vintage white, but on the back it is pure white. Inside the front collar has also been left pure white and the Reebok logo on the back has not been coloured.

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Torin)Again, this could be a great looking jersey, with the combo of eras, but there are some execution issues. We have a pixelated logo that uses a different shade of black than the jersey does. There are uncoloured pixels at the tip of the collar and in the outside corners of the front hem. The tail hem has also been cut off in the image.

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Kyle C.)I like this set of Sens jerseys. First the things I don't like. The use of the old number and NOB font and that on the white jersey the yoke is outline with red on the front, but white on the back. What I do like is how the shoulder patches are stretched farther in the yokes and the curved stripes on the arms.

Philadelphia Flyers concepts (by WhiteLightning)These are Edge-ified Flyers sweaters of the 80's...

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Kevin)Kevin Edge-ifies the black alternate from the 90's and adds an extra detail on the sleeve. I'm not in favour of that move. To me it looks like the orange outline has started to leak down the sleeve.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Mason H.)Mason sent this to me before yesterday's Rangers reveal, but it looks quite similar. I'd also suggest that this looks as good, if not better as a Flyers sweater! I've said before that this striping template works for almost any team and this concept seems to prove that theory correct. I give it a COTW nomination!

Don't forget to vote and leave feedback on the questions asked at the top of the post.
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