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Consider this your weekend post!

You know I have to start off with a reminder to Committee Members, that have not yet voted for the Minnesota Winter Classic competition, to vote. It looks like we have our winner, but if you want to change that (or help that) then get your votes in before Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.


Clarence Mustangs concepts (by Chuckie9131)
St. John's Ice Caps concept (by Eric T.)

New York Islanders concept (by Mason II)It's a simple formula here, but I like this option better than what the Islanders will give us. This wouldn't be the perfect choice, but that black sweater definitely won't be.

Calgary Flames concept (by Roger)Roger uses the logo of the Calgary Mustangs of the AJHL to create this Flames 3rd jersey concept. I think a small addition of red somewhere would make this jersey better. It's not bad, but I see a lack of one of the Flames' primary colours.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Brian B.)Brian would like the see the colours of the numbers and namebar, on the possible upcoming Winter Classic sweater, switched. I agree with him.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Spirit104)I really like this one by Spirit! I like the simple striping, yet it's still different enough from what they use. It's not overly noticeable, but I'd also like to see the hem stripes match the arm and sock stripes. I also like the white shoulder patches.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Avi)Avi brings black and silver back into the equation. Apparently, we might see the victory stripes under the arms by next year, at the earliest. I like this as it's still simple like the Lightning want it, yet it uses the colours that have been commonly associated with the Bolts.

Goofy's Hockey Homicide concepts (by Alan)Remember those old Disney Goofy cartoons where he did certain activities and it was narrated? He did one for hockey called "Hockey Homicide". Alan created these jerseys from that cartoon. Personally, as a Disney lover, I think these are awesome!!! Also, they are a really neat idea when getting away from NHL concepts. I give these a huge COTW nomination!
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Anonymous said...

I'll second the Disney concepts. That would be cool if they sold those at Disney World. They already do sell hockey jerseys there.

Sam said...

I love those Goofy jerseys! COTW nom from me!

Nicholas P. said...

Who are the Clarence Mustangs? If Chicago used the third with there patch logo instead of the boring C Chuckie used, it would be wicked awesome. COTW nom for the Goofy Jerseys and the Mustangs.

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