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Weekend Update

Here are some entries that came in for the SKA St. Petersburg ReDesign.

SKA St. Petersburg concepts (by Fredrik)
SKA St. Petersburg concepts (by Kevin)
SKA St. Petersburg concepts (by Martin)
The final day to get concepts in for the ReDesign is Sunday (tomorrow) @ 11:59pm EST.

Only 6 concepts today because I'm heading out to the Leafs - Sens game tonight! (Prediction: 3-1 Leafs)


Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Jacob)
South Dakota Vipers concepts (by Cody)

Florida Panthers concepts (by WhiteLightning)All the jerseys designs are nice, but all of them could use TV numbers and I like the "FLA" or "Stick & Sun" shoulder patches. Either would be a good choice on the home and road concepts. I really like the 3rd jersey as an option for the Panthers. I wonder if they would ever consider another blue alternate now?

Dallas Stars concepts (by WhiteLightning)The same problems as the Panthers concepts plague these concepts. If I ignore that, I like the home and road concepts. The 3rd jersey is based on the unused North Stars jerseys. The logo used is ok, but the current shoulder patch logo would be better, in my opinion.

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Nevill)I never associated these home and road sweaters with "winning times" in Ottawa. I remember the team that wore these winning a record low 10 games in an 84 game season! The alternate looks good as it's a red version of the new 3rd. However, I feel that the OHL 67's own that look, and they have for years. Doesn't matter what I think though, this is what Nevill would like to see the Sens wear.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Avi)Even though it's a little unconventional, I do like the design on this 3rd jersey option. Avi has borrowed the logo from CCSLC user "Heinze57". All in all, this comes across as a Reebok looking design, but I don't think it would offend too many traditionalists, like myself. For that, i give it a COTW nom!
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Sam.o said...

Wow that leafs game was wild 

Avi said...

i like nevill's sens concept, cotw!

Nevill said...

The Sens white and black jerseys that I included in my concept were the ones worn by the team during their first playoff series victory in 1998 against New Jersey, where the underdog Sens won in 6 games. It was the first year where I really started watching hockey, but I still feel that it was the best set the Sens have ever worn. Once they replaced the black one with the red (or alternate at the time), they never had a matching home/road set until the Reebok Edge era. I hope they go back to this black/white set!

Tyler said...

I second Avi's COTW

cody said...

wow still no new post???? i know it was thanksgiving but come on! there should be one up today.

Ryan said...

@Cody: How about I have a fucking job that I have to go to! Seriously, I don't have to do these posts but I do, for fun. Don't fucking complain that there is no post! I guess you want me to wake up at 4am just so you can be entertained when you get up?!?!? Fucking hell!!!!

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