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Week of October 17-23, 2011

The winner of the SKA St. Petersburg ReDesign was Joni with this entry.Here are the results of the vote.Again, I was very happy with the Top 3 voting system. That is here to stay.

The comments on the static pages (i.e. Weekly Poll) still aren't working. Since the Weekly Poll wasn't a major part of this blog, it's going on hiatus for a while. It might come back in the future...

A reminder that the very important 3rd Quarter Vote continues until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. If you're a Committee Member and haven't gotten your vote in yet be sure to do so soon. To see the entrants click the gold banner on the right.

The COTW nominees have been named. They are listed on the left side of the page and you can see them on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Committee Members have until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST to cast their vote for this one.

I teased it all last week and now it is under way. I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for this contest. Introducing the Minnesota Winter Classic Competition!There are some specific rules for this contest and it is very important that you read them on the WINTER CLASSIC COMP page. You can get there by clicking the page tab above or the banner on the right. I will post the entries that come in each day, as I usually do with these contests.


Tijuana Snakes concepts (by Martin)
Calgary Flames concept (by Woody)

New York Islanders concept (by WinnipegJets96)I like the use of the numbers from the old alternate. To really bring it all together though, I think the yokes should be orange as well. I think most would have preferred an orange alt to the black one we'll get from the Isles in November.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Brandon C.)With the black and silver returning to the Kings scheme, a grey alternate is becoming a popular option for concept artists. Here, Brandon uses the early 2000's crest. I think the top two sections that he has re-coloured white, would look better if they remained black.

Star Trek concepts (by Nevill)I'm a Star Wars fan as opposed to a "Treky", but I can still appreciate the good work Nevill has done here. I remember how popular his superhero concepts were and I look forward to seeing how people respond to these. I'll give it the first COTW nomination.

Phoenix Coyotes concepts (by Brandon S.)That's a pretty cool logo that Brandon has put together for these concepts. I like the black jersey, but on the white jersey I think the thicker stripe should be brick red instead of black. Still, cool concepts.
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Tex said...

I'm not a Star Trek fan at all, AT ALL. Sorry, for me Star Wars is where it's at. I will, however, second that nomination.

Nevill said...

Thanks for the support there, guys, haha. I would propose a Star Wars themed contest at HJC somewhere down the line. Might be cool to break the mold!

cody said...

how about a dc v.s marvel contest as well? nevill, im loving your trek jerseys. cotw nom from me!

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