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Week of October 10-16, 2011

I have enjoyed my Thanksgiving and I am ready to get back to HJC...a day late.

Here are the last two entries into the SKA St. Petersburg ReDesign

SKA St. Petersburg concepts (by Brady)
SKA St. Petersburg concepts (by Jacob)
Voting will now take place and will run until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Remember, it's Top 3 voting and you CAN vote for yourself! Check out the SKA COMP page to see the entries.

Last week was the first of three times that I will ask who you think will win the Stanley Cup. Here are the results of that vote.I will ask again at the All-Star break and we'll see how many people have changed their minds.

This week's Weekly Poll asks which jersey is the #1 jersey on your wishlist. What is the jersey that you want hanging in your closet that you currently don't have?Click the banner on the right side of the page to get in on the discussion! I think this question should be fun!

The COTW nominees have been decided. There were lots of nominations last week and 3 of them managed to get "seconded"! You can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the nominees. Committee Members have until FRIDAY @ 11:59pm EST to vote.

The COTY-September vote continues. Click the silver banner on the left to see the entrants. That vote concludes on Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.


Rams team for the KHL concept (by Sam N.)
Rochester Institute of Technology concepts (by Jacob)

Boston Bruins concept (by MasonII)Mason uses the Edge font and shoulder patches on an 80's retro jersey. Would not most of us been happier if the Bruins went with something closer to this as a 3rd jersey back in 2009?

Detroit Red Wings concepts (by Brian D.)Brian goes retro across the board for a concept night, "Throwback Fridays at the Joe". I think that's a cool idea for some teams. I like how Brian didn't cave in and add an outline to the old logo, because back in the day there was no outline.

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by WhiteLightning)I like the style of the home and roads, but they don't seem to fit the Ducks, in my opinion. That 3rd jersey I do love! I think it fits perfectly, even with the current Ducks' jerseys it would be great! Because of the 3rd jersey I'm giving this a COTW nomination.

Peoria Rivermen concept (by Scott M.)Scott uses a Rivermen logo from last season and applies it to a white version of the Blues' 3rd jersey. He then added yokes, or maybe the blues would have yokes. They almost always have had yokes on their white sweaters.
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Anonymous said...

Strong post today. White Lightning's Ducks for COTW.

Anonymous said...

@Sam N.: isn't that a recolored Québec Citadelle logo? Credit where needed, no?

geoff said...

Is something wrong with the weekly poll? I dont see any responses or even a way for me to post?

Ryan said...

@Geoff, yes there must be something wrong with the weekly poll. It will be fixed later this afternoon.

cody said...

loving that ducks third! cotw nom.

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