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Wednesday Concepts

We are having some problems with the comments not working on the WEEKLY POLL page. I'm looking into it and seeing what I can do, but right now I don't really know anymore than that.

Of course I have to remind the Committee Members that there are 3 votes going on right now. There's the Top 3 voting for the SKA St. Petersburg ReDesign. There's also the COTY-September vote happening (ending Thursday), as well as the COTW vote (ending Friday).

I mentioned a few days ago about a minor hockey club, the Reston Raiders, looking for a new logo. I said I'd post people's work and here it is...

Reston Raiders (by Cody)
Reston Raiders (by Martin)


Boston Bruins concept (by MasonII)
Boston Bruins concept (by Jacob)

Brooklyn Tigers concepts (by WhiteLightning)White predicts that the Islanders will make the move to Brooklyn once their stadium lease expires and move in with the Brooklyn Nets. He's also renamed the team to the Tigers and promoted the farm club's logo. All of these are pretty good, but the one that really sticks out to me is the navy 3rd jersey, nice work there.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by MasonII)I like how "Robo-Penguin" looks in double blue! The jersey pattern isn't my favourite, but I could see this logo as the one used on a blue 3rd jersey.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Roger)Rogers has Edge-ified the original Pens jersey here...

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Avi)Avi suggests that this could possibly be the Flyers Winter Classic jersey. We'll have to revisit this post in November when the actual jersey is released. I wonder if we'll get a leak before then?

Minnesota Wild concept (by Sam N.)Even though it's essentially a green Leafs 3rd jersey I still love it. You guys know how much of a mark I am for classic looking jerseys. My favourite part of this is the star design on the cuff.

Nashville Predators concepts (by Kevin)Kevin said these started out as Bruins concepts, but then he took another look an decided that they were better suited for the Preds. I would have to agree with him because these look fantastic! I like the guitar pick logo below the hem and I like the unique design on the yokes. I'll give this a COTW nomination!
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spirit104 said...

Kevin's preds concept for cotw

Anonymous said...

Kevin's blue Preds jersey would be an awesome third!

Tyler said...

Mason for COTW

cody said...

im gonna second mason comceopt. nice looking jersey.

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