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Thursday Post #2

Welcome back! In case you missed the make-up post from earlier today, click HERE.

It was announced today that Pittsburgh will host the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. We also got a logo release for the event.

2012 NHL Entry Draft logo
I like the standardized look of the Draft logos with different elements that represent the event's location thrown in. Seeing this makes me think we might have a Draft logo/jersey contest sometime in the future. Same goes for the All Star Game, there might be a contest in the future!

As I mentioned earlier today, it is the final day to vote for COTW. That voting ends at 11:59pm EST tonight. So, Committee Members that don't have their vote in yet, be sure to email it in very soon.

As well, Minnesota Winter Classic competition voting continues until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Because the entries were so good, the voting is quite scattered, but there is one entry slowing pulling away from the pack!

Got a Heritage Classic logo for next week's contest? Email it in and it may be used.


First, we have a couple of entries that didn't make it into the Minnesota Winter Classic Competition. The first one used a direct retro jersey and the second one Sam couldn't decide on who the opponent should have been.

Minnesota Winter Classic concepts (by Kris)
Minnesota Winter Classic concept (by Sam N.)
Philadelphia Freebirds concepts (by WinnipegJets96)

Tropics of Orlando concepts Lightning AHL affiliate (by Cody)I like how Cody makes a link to the Florida Gators with the colours. I think a minor league team like this could work. Especially if you built a venue and placed them at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex (Atlanta Braves spring training facility).

Red Bull Salzburg Erste Bank Hockey League concepts (by Stephen T.)I didn't even know that Austria had its own prefessional hockey league. You can check out their website HERE, which is not in English, and their actual sweaters can be purchased HERE.

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by MasonII)I like the direction of this concept. It could be better than the 'Canes' actual 3rd. Personally, I'd switch the primary and shoulder crests. I'd also remove the red yoke outline. Solid job Mason.

New York Islanders concept (by Brian B.)Brian called this an Islanders fan's worst nightmare! Yes, the black jersey does look terrible, but call me crazy, I'm a fan of it in white! I look at this now and think that if the Islanders went with this white version I'd be all in favour of it!

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Kyle C.)On first look, Kyle takes a shot at Alexandre Burrows. Well done! I think there will be a lot of intrigue if/when the Canucks are involved in an outdoor game. Think about how many retro jerseys they have to draw from! One note from the concepts, I do like the "VC" logo in the 90's colours!

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Steven G.)The home and road jerseys are what most people would like to see the Canucks adopt as full-time sweaters. I like the 3 coloured collar that Steven has used on the road sweater. The 3rd jersey is based on the old WHL Vancouver Canucks (jersey #2). This set gets a COTW nomination from me.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Avi)A grey alternate Jets jersey! I love it, but the only thing that holds it back is the use of the wordmark on the front instead of the primary logo. The use of the wordmark makes it look more like a promotional beer jersey, in my opinion. I love the striping on the pants. Other than the logo, everything looks great.

Just in case there is any confusion, if you nominated something for COTW in today's earlier post Linkyou ARE still allowed to nominate something in this post! If you didn't nominate something earlier today then you are welcome to go back and nominate.
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Connor Hanley said...

Steven Grant's Canucks concept second. As a die hard canucks fan, i would wear all 3 with pride.

cody said...

i like your comment on my tropuics set ryan. what a great idea. i totally forgot about the gators but the team that useed the logo was from west side beach, which is actually about 13 miles from orlando. plus the club was a baseball club. also im loving that isles jersey. give it a cotw nom!

Tex said...

you know whats great about those Canucks jerseys? No orca logo, I'll nominate it for COTW.

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