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Sens #'s, KHL comp, and Concepts!

Yesterday I posted, what I thought, was fairly close to the new Senators' 3rd jersey numbers. Turns out, I wasn't even anything close to close. So, the "official" numbers will be posted once the jersey is available for customization from Shop.NHL.com.

Seeing as I only have one entry for the SKA St. Petersburg ReDesign so far, I will post the first batch tomorrow. I just want to gauge the interest in the contest right now. Usually by day one I get 3-5 entries. Does everyone want to do SKA St. Petersburg, or should I return to NHL ReDesigns after this contest?

COTW voting is going on right now. If you're a Committee member and you haven't voted yet, be sure to get your vote into me before Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.


Montreal Maroons concepts (by Ludovic)
Vancouver Canucks concept (by WinnipegJets96)

Washington Capitals concept (by Martin)I like the idea of an over-sized TV number going across the arm stripes. I think a white outline on the number though would help it stand out a little more. I also think the TV number font should be consistent with the font on the back. I don't know why the logo looks like it is glowing. Also, the placement of the shoulder patches could use some work.

Quebec Coyotes concepts (by Brendan A.)The Phoenix Coyotes could be the next team on the move, after this season. Brendan has them moving to Quebec, but keeping the Coyotes moniker. I don't know how many Coyotes are in Quebec City, but the colours look good. I also really like the wordmarks that he has put together. On the downside, I like the shoulder patch, but again it's sort of the same as what I said above. Are there a notable amount of Coyotes in Quebec City?

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Nevill)If Nevill could fix-up the Jets' uniform, this is what he would do. I didn't notice this until now, but he has simplified the logo which looks okay to me. The big thick blue stripe on the road and alternate looks out of place in my opinion. Yet, everything else looks really solid. Maybe an updated "Goals and Dreams" patch would be good?

Los Angeles Kings concept (by HJC)I have that weird facination with L.A.'s "Burger King" logo. I never thought it was that bad, I think it just got placed on a really bad sweater. I used it for the grey alternate and I think the Kings are a great team to see wear a grey alternate now.

HC Slavia Praha concept (by Jose)This team is a two-time champion of the Czech league. You can try to find their jerseys around the ridiculously large trophy and under all of the sponsors here. Just from the lack of sponsors, Jose's concept is superior! Other than that it's a pretty standard Reebok template.

Swedish League [Elitserien] Outdoor Game concepts (by Fredrik)Fredrik has created these for a fictional event between Djurgardens and Brynas in an outdoor game. He's created these classic looking jerseys for the event. Here is one of Djurgardens' actual jerseys, for comparison. And here is one of Brynas' jerseys. Appologies if the pictures in the links are outdated. I'll give this a COTW nomination because I like the clean presentation and the classic jerseys!
Sens #'s, KHL comp, and Concepts! Reviewed by Ryan on October 04, 2011 Rating: 5


Glen Cuthbert said...

Ryan: Your Kings jersey is good, but it's a bit too grey.

Ryan said...

Yeah Glen, I thought that, but I also think that they grey would be counteracted by the team wearing a black helmet, gloves and pants.I probably should have included that in my concept.

sam.o said...

i think i would like the nhl redesign after the khl one

Kond said...

I say mlre European redesigns, but most of designers are from North America so they mightnotbe very interested about European hockey.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of European redesigns but logos for the teams are hard to come by.

Kevin said...

i really like the idea of the Coyotes moving to Quebec, thats problably the next team on the move, but wouldnt you guys think if the Yotes moved to Quebec, they would be called the Quebec Wolves if the owners wanted to keep the Coyote-like brand?

Connor "Shmanley" Hanley said...

and there goes my idea for a grey kings alt for my NHL redesign. Great minds think alike i guess. Nice job and a COTW nom as well.

cody said...

hey ryan if you really wanted your kings jersey too look great you should have used my version of the burger king that i have as my blogger pic. i think it would have made the jersey itself stand out a lot.

Anonymous said...


Second Elitserien team should be AIK from Stockholm, not Brynäs.


Ryan said...

@Marty: You are right. I should pay more attention to European hockey.

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