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Making Up For Monday

I am very sorry for the delays this week. The internet provided in my neighborhood is not very good and it wasn't communicating properly with Blogspot. Alas, everything is back up and running!

The next contest will be announced on Monday. The only information that I will give you now is that it will be a Heritage Classic contest. The game's location has yet to be determined and that is where you come in. If you can, put together a quality Heritage Classic logo for the game in the location of your choice. I will choose the best logo and that is where our Heritage Classic will be held. The chosen logo will also be used on the jersey concepts!
Today is the final day to vote for COTW. It ends @ 11:59pm EST. Voting Committee members can email me their COTW vote.

Also, the Minnesota Winter Classic Competition voting continues. That runs until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Voting Committee members can email me their "TOP 5" votes until then. Click the banner on the right to see the entries and voting rules.


Nashville Predators hem alteration (by Brian B.)
Regina Broncos Dallas AHL affiliate concepts (by Cody)
Florida Panthers concept (by Adam)
Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Tex)*what he'd like to Pens to wear

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Stephen T.)
These look like the terrible early 80's jerseys, but with no logos on the arms. Those 80's jerseys were so bad that I want them in my jersey collection. Same goes for the fishsticks jerseys and the Wild Wing jersey.

Calgary Flames concept (by Roger)Roger would like the Flames to go full-time retro. He sent in this altered retro sweater as a road jersey option.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Ricky)Ricky changed one of MasonII's concepts into a powder blue jersey. Poor execution here as there is a dark blue hem stripe on the back, but not on the front. Also, there is still yellow in the logo and some a the jersey's stitching has been randomly removed.

Toronto St. Pats concept (by Roger)Back in 2002 the Leafs wore a St. Pats jersey at home against the Sabres and people loved it. Roger created this concept as a 3rd jersey option for the Leafs. I wouldn't be surprised to see a St. Pats jersey if the Leafs were to play an outdoor game. Nice work Roger, my only suggestion would be a white Leafs primary logo as shoulder patches.

Sodertalje former Elitserien club concepts (by Kyle C.)This team has typically worn red and black jerseys. Kyle has made them jerseys in the same colours as their crest. It also appears that he has moved the team to the NHL and they have adopted the Reebok Edge cut jersey. I like these jerseys. Unfortunately, it seems that Reebok jerseys have gotten away from angled stripes like what we get here.

Winter Classic concepts (by Brandon C.)We've seen that Rangers jersey a few times before, but the Flyers sweater is new. I like it, I think it suits the Flyers nicely. I wonder if the NHL will ever allow a team to wear vintage white in the Winter Classic? It would look really good.

Phoenix Coyotes concept (by Avi)I love the print that is used above the stripes, but I don't know what it's called or how it is associated with the Coyotes. I know that it is associated with the team though. It seems every black Coyotes concept that is sent in is better than what the team really uses. Why didn't the team figure this out? On a side note, want to know how bad attendance is in Glendale? Check out THIS photo from a game versus the Kings last week.

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Brian D.)These are awesome! The swords on the yellow jersey aren't my favourite, but I love the blue and white concepts A LOT! As soon as Brian sent these in I knew I was giving them a COTW nomination!

Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook, or check back here, as there will be another post later tonight! Probably around 8-9pm EST.
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Anonymous said...

Avi's Coyotes concept for COTW. And good luck trying to get a Wild Wing jersey. They're rare as hell and be ready to pay around $400. I really like that jersey. Call me crazy, but I would like to see Wild Wing be worn for just 1 game. Same with Tampa's 1997 3rd.

Ricky said...

Second nomination for Brian's Sabres concept

Tex said...

Second that Coyotes nomination, only that would make it better, would be a logo, instead of the wordmark.

Kyle C said...

Brandon's Winter Classic concept for COTW!

cody said...

to all the people who say the WW jersey was bad: It aint. the striping is so original and the simplicity is unique. also the 97 3rd by tampa is A MESS. THE JERSEY LOOKS LIKE IT WAS HIT WITH LIGHTNING, LITERALLY!

MMcG said...

When first released I was of the mindset that the new Predators sweaters would be good. After seeing them on TV in game footage - they are absolutely horrible looking.

Some of the worst sweaters in the NHL in my opinion.

sam.o said...

i love the new preds jerseys

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