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Last day to vote for COTY-September

Committee Members have until 11:59pm EST tonight to vote for the COTY-September. As of this posting only 3 votes have been cast. Get your vote emailed in!

Also, the regular COTW vote continues until tomorrow night and the St. Petersburg vote runs until Sunday night.

I still can't find a reason why the Weekly Poll comments aren't showing/working. So, for this week we will go without a Weekly Poll.

I was walking through a store yesterday and saw, what I think, is one of the best pieces of merchandise the NHL has come out with in a long time.They are retro hoodies made by CCM. I can only find them for the Leafs, Habs, retro Jets, and Canucks so far and they were available online only through IceJerseys.com (from my quick research). I saw the Leafs one and I wanted it immediately! It runs for about $80, which is a little steep, but that's expected when you slap a team's logo on some merch. I know we usually don't discuss merchandise on HJC, but I liked these hoodies enough to mention them today. Thumbs up or down?

I've decided what next week's contest will be. Start thinking about a Winter Classic in Minnesota!


Edmonton Oilers concepts (by Jacob)
Florida Panthers concepts (by Stephen)

2013 Winter Classic concepts (by Martin)I don't know if people would be too happy with another game in Pittsburgh. However, Martin has the Pens in Pirates inspired jerseys and then he places the Jets in retro sweaters, but he replaces the red with silver.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by WhiteLightning)White changes up the Jets sweaters a little bit. The white road jersey is a lateral move, in my opinion. Not better, but not worse. The home sweater would be a great 3rd jersey option, however during the summer it was mentioned by Jets ownership that they are going to look at the possibility of a retro 3rd jersey for the 2012-13 season.

Winnipge Jets concept (by Roger)I love this Jets concept too, again as a 3rd jersey! I like how Winnipeg has limited red to just the logos. I am a fan though, of letting it loose on a 3rd jersey, just like this.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by MasonII)This jersey is a decent mix of the black and silver with the purple. I think a better choice would have been to use the silver and purple crown as the main crest.

Dresden Jr. Kings concepts (by Alan)The Dresden Jr. Kings are a junior "C" team here in Ontario. I took a quick look at their stats on Wikipedia and in their 40 year history they have only made the playoffs 8 times, ouch! That calls for a new look and a new start. Alan has provided that with these concepts. Here is one of their current jerseys.

Calgary Flames concept (by Brandon S.)I like everything about this as an alternate jersey for the Flames except for the black namebar. It would be nice to see the horse head logo return though. I like how Brandon has used the Heritage Classic shade of red for this concept.
Last day to vote for COTY-September Reviewed by Ryan on October 13, 2011 Rating: 5


Tex said...

Two- thumbs-up!!!! Best hoodies I've ever seen, I hope they come out with a black and gold Pens one. Let's go Pens, beat the Crapitals!!!

Avi said...

ryan they sell those for the jackets at their team shop inside nationwide. i saw them and immediately wanted one!

cody said...

awesome looking hoodies. also ryan the devils have hoodies as well. i went to one game at the prudential center with my uncle a few years back and he got a hoodie and i got a t-shirt. also roger for cotw! great work on taking tex's concept and applying to a actual jets template.

Tex said...

Second that nomination.

Kevin said...

the Flyers store sells 3 kinds of those hoodies, they have them in Majestic, Reebok, and Old Time Hockey and the old time hockey one looks absolutely amazing

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