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Minnesota Winter Classic Entries #2

I'm loving this contest and loving these entries!

Minnesota Winter Classic concepts (by Avi)
Minnesota Winter Classic concepts (by Cody)
Minnesota Winter Classic concepts (by HJC)
Minnesota Winter Classic concepts (by Joni)
Minnesota Winter Classic concepts (by Roger)
Minnesota Winter Classic concepts (by Steven G.)

I love this contest so much that I want to do another one for the next contest in a couple of weeks. If you have an idea for a big hockey game event (ie Winter Classic in New York, Heritage Classic in Montreal) then send it in. If you have a logo for the event then send that in as well. I will choose the best idea as our next contest! You have a week and a bit until I decide, so take your time.


New York Rangers Winter Classic concept (by Ryan M.)
Maine Fire Calgary Flames AHL affiliate concepts (by Cody)
Boston Bruins concept (by WinnipegJets96)

Montreal Canadiens concepts (by Stephen T.)I like that Stephen has done something different here, but I really don't see black as a potential colour for the Canadiens. I like the direction that this is going and I think it could be really cool as rugby shirts perhaps? The player numbers could be on a big square and stitched on the back, just like the candy stripe throwbacks they wore a couple of years ago.

St. Louis Eagles concepts (by Kyle C.)This is a little plain, but so were the old Eagles jerseys. I also don't think that the lively socks really go with this look. TV numbers?

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Kevin)Before Kevin got the potential Winter Classic jersey info, he sent this in as a suggestion if the Flyers chose to be the white team. I'm not a fan of the jersey, but I do like the tiny details. Details such as, the Cup winning years in the collar and Fred Shero's famous quote to his team during the 1974 Cup Final inside the hem.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Brandon S.)Really nice job here by Brandon to create this Blues concept. I like the sleeves and the yellow and white swooshes in them. The shoulder patches were also a great choice. I think bringing those back somehow would be cool. COTW nomination from me!

Anaheim Ducks concept (by Avi)I guess this is what the Ducks would look like if they kept the "Mighty" and also kept that old 3rd jersey. I loved how back in those days Anaheim has a home and road version of the sweater. It would be great to see that done by a team again. Also, nice adaptation by Avi.
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Glen Cuthbert said...

Avi for COTW

Joni said...

I have an idea of Winter Classic in Finland contest, which is called Talviklassikko in Finnish and it was first played first time this year and again next February. The match is between Helsingin IFK and Helsingin Jokerit and it's played in the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

Hockeymode said...

Second Avi's nomination, LOVE that Wild jersey.

Ryan said...

@Hockeymode: I thiink the previous nom was for the Ducks jersey. The WC entries are not up for COTW nominations

BlueAndWhiteForever said...

Heritage Classic in Winnipeg. Leafs and Jets.

Tex said...

Second that Avi nom! I dont like those colrs, but I do here.

Tyler said...

Winter Classic. a Canadian team vs. an American team

Brandon said...

NHL Summer Inline League

cody said...

AHL or CHL classic? the whale and the marlies. do then they can wear old school jerseys.

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