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It Starts Tonight!

The season finally gets underway tonight and I am pumped! The Habs are here in T.O. and the Leafs will be wearing their new 3rd jersey for the first time! I have to give a quick prediction... Leafs win 4-2, but as you saw yesterday I don't think they will make the playoffs.

My predictions yesterday got quite a bit of response! Mostly from people who feel that I under estimate their team, but some think I am pretty accurate. Hopefully I remember to revisit that post at the end of the year to see how right/wrong I was.

Not only does the season start today, but so does the HJC Fantasy League! Hopefully, you team owners have set your lineups for tonight! I look forward to beating you all.

Today is the last day for Committee Members to vote for COTW. Voting ends at 11:59pm EST.

The reponse for the SKA St. Petersburg ReDesign has been disappointing. Still only 2 entries in and only mine on the way. We will see this contest through to the end, but I will probably cut the voting period short if the entries don't pick up. Too bad, I thought it would be fun to branch out from the usual NHL concepts. Any reason why people don't want to do European concepts?


Lokomotiv Yaroslavl concept (by Judah)
HJC Fantasy League logo and plane concepts (by Ricky)

Halifax Destroyers concepts (by Cody)Cody has used a Destroyers logo and modified Charlotte Checkers jerseys to create this Halifax team. He's also used the number font that Scott M. made during the summer! I like to see that TV numbers were attempted, but they are in the wrong space. The front of the jersey says that the player is #11 and the back says he's #22.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by MasonII)The MTS Centre is going to be rocking on Sunday for the first game of the new Jets' season. Rocking is an understatement! The game will be on CBC and I was really looking forward to seeing it, but Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend and family commitments will interfere. A note on the concept and the shoulder patches. I would suggest to artists, that instead of placing the whole logo on both sides of the jersey (as has been done here), split the logo in half and place the appropriate piece on the appropriate side of the jersey.

Winter Classic concepts (by Ian)Ian proposes this as a 2013 Classic game. The Wild jersey is based on old North Stars jerseys and the Leafs jersey is a reverse of the 1934-37 white sweater. I like the idea of an outdoor game in Minnesota and I also like the Leafs concept shown here!

Washington Capitals concepts (by Kevin)Remember how in the late 90's we started getting jerseys that were "black for black sake". This seems like "retro for retro sake", a trend we are slowly working towards. Obviously the updated logos and numbers have been used, but switching to these jerseys seems like a lateral move. The concepts are clean and well put together though.

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Avi)Avi would like to see the Avs switch their 3rd jersey back to the pre-Edge design. However, he would like them to use the primary mark and the "big foot" logo on the shoulders. Nice concept and I think this is just as good as the current blue 3rd. The NOB, I think, needs to be a little bit bigger.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Tex)I really like this concept! The double blue looks good with the red trim and the font choice was excellent! I give this a COTW nomination.
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Kond said...

I want to do European redesigns, if not then minor leagues from NA

Ryan said...

@Kond: Are you going to enter the SKA St Petersburg ReDesign?

Anonymous said...

Tex's Jets concept seconded. I think it looks really sharp.

cody said...

im thirding the nom for tex. love his sweater and would like to see am similar one done in the actual style of the jerseys.

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