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Flyers Winter Classic Jersey?

Here's how things went down yesterday. Icethetics' Twitter account linked to a story (posted at approximately 2:45pm EST) which claimed that the Flyers jersey below will be the jersey worn on January 2nd versus the Rangers at the Winter Classic.The concept is done by DC Visual Arts, the same people who did the Richards/Avery mock-up a while back. That's the image that inspired the production of this year's fake Winter Classic jerseys.
At approximately 4:45pm EST I received the concept below from Kevin, who works at the Wells Fargo Center in the team store. He stated that a son of one of the Flyers' coaches came into the store, during the Kings/Flyers game, and said he had seen the Winter Classic sweater and then described the above concept to him. Kevin then sent it in to HJC.
Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Kevin)

However, all this information could be for not as there is a possibility that the concepts are based on a Flyers shirt (shown below).This shirt is available on Shop.NHL.com.

We will revisit this and other Winter Classic concepts that have been sent in, when the actual sweaters are released. Until then, we all can form our own opinions on what the jerseys will look like.

Speaking of the Winter Classic, HJC is having a Winter Classic competition! In case you missed yesterday's post, click on the Winter Classic banner on the right or go to the WINTER CLASSIC COMP page to get all the rules and details. Also, Bmac over at Wild About Design, will be posting the entries on his site as well!

The COTW and 3rd Quarter Votes will conclude on Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. Get your votes in before the deadline.


Reston Raiders logos (by Cody)
Boston Bruins concept (by James T.)

2013 Winter Classic concepts (by MasonII)An outdoor game between old rivals Detroit and Colorado would really be cool. Mason has even adjusted the Avs' colours and made them brighter to match the first edition of the sweaters.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Brian)Brian altered the Capitals' 3rd jersey a little bit to create this Jackets concept. I like it, but with the stars and white yoke, all I see is a Caps jersey.

Anaheim Ducks concept (by Brandon S.)Another vote here for the Ducks to merge together their current identity and their old colour scheme. I like this combination of elements, but I think the shoulder logo could use a different colour combination. I think it looks a little too messy right now. Maybe some silver to match the primary crest?

Florida Panthers concept (by HJC)I created a red 3rd jersey for the Panthers when they move away from the "Jet Blue" jerseys they have now. The jersey still uses some of the elements that I liked from the old 3rd such as the FLA shoulder patch, the unique font, and the retro striped pants.

New York Rangers concept (by Jon E.)I really like this 3rd jersey concept! Jon uses the wordmark logo from the initial Lady Liberty days. Also, the jersey striping is a nice update of the same jersey. I like the idea of giving the Rangers a new font on a 3rd jersey, but perhaps something different that the Ducks' font? Anyway, I'm giving this a COTW nomination!

Boston Bruins concept (by Avi)This is based on the Winter Classic jersey of 2010. It is intended as a "heritage jersey". I just thought of this, but I think it would be a cool idea. I think that one of the Original 6 teams each year could choose one game to wear a heritage jersey. Sort of inspired by what they did at the beginning of the 1991-92 season.
Flyers Winter Classic Jersey? Reviewed by Ryan on October 18, 2011 Rating: 5


Tex said...

Avi's bruins concept for COTW. I like everything but the logo, maybe the WC B shouldve been used, but that's just me. Great concept.

Brian said...

It makes sense that the Flyers use that for the Winter Classic game. It's different from anything they've ever worn, just like they said. And it's a nice nod to the Philadelphia Quakers in a way, but not an overbearing way.

cody said...

hey ryan, why did you post up my raiders logo again? did u make a mistake or something?

Ryan said...

@Cody: Loops, I must have lost track.

Kond said...

Flyers' jersey looks something they could wear regularly and Quakers' jersey looks more retro to me than those "real" WC-jerseys

Tyler said...

I second Jon E's COTW Nomination

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