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COTW Winner

The October 17-23 COTW finished last night and the winner is Avi and his Anaheim Ducks concept! The results are below.

Avi - 3
Steven G. - 2
Jon E. - 1
Nevill - 0

This is Avi's 6th COTW win, but his first with a concept that wasn't for the Blue Jackets! You can see Avi's winning entry on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page.

Speaking of voting, the Minnesota Winter Classic vote continues. If there are Committee Members who haven't voted yet, be sure to get your Top 5 votes in before Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

Also, next week's contest will be a Heritage Classic. Send in a logo for the fictional event and it may get used for the competition!


Los Angeles Kings concept (by MasonII)
Las Vegas Aces concepts (by Cody)

Winter Classic concepts (by Stephen T.)Trying to look past the lack of numbers etc. It looks like we have a black version of a Quakers jersey for the Flyers. The Rangers concept looks to be a 1970's inspired jersey with the colours switched around.

Hartford Whalers concept (by WinnipegJets96)I was always more of a fan of the green Whalers rather than the post-1992 blue Whalers. As such, I think I'd prefer this concept if the green was the more prominent colour. Still, a good concept.

Connecticut Whale concepts (by Trevor)I like what Trevor has done to the old logo! He then has placed it on some retro jerseys. I think that old blue jersey is a great choice as a 3rd!

St. Louis Blues concept (by Tex)I like the jersey striping here and the shade of blue that has been used. I've never been a fan of the logo being in white though.

New York Islanders concepts (by Steven G.)Steven tries to do something a little different, as far as the Islanders go. Clearly they have a fauxback look to them, but I think they're pretty good. I think they could be even better if you went to 2 stripes on the arm by removing the top and bottom ones. The white jersey is my favourite of the two.

Winter Classic concepts (by Stéphane)Stéphane says these are "retro for retro sake". Funny thing is that the Flyers jersey is pretty close to what we might actually see. As far as "retro for retro sake" I think we might start seeing more of that. I also think that seeing more retro just for retro will lead NHL jersey styles out of this retro phase and into the next phase of trendy jersey designs.

I nearly forgot to share this! Matt sent this in and it is phenomenal! These are MS Paint compatible. Just click on the image below and save! I'll also be placing these on the TEMPLATES page.
COTW Winner Reviewed by Ryan on October 28, 2011 Rating: 5


Tex said...

Matt, those pant and glove templates are great, but the Penguins globes are wrong. But great work.

Matt Marczel said...

@Tex - I know the Pens gloves aren't exactly accurate, I wasn't really sure what the exact colouration of the Pens gloves were, but then again it dosn't matter, this template sheet is strictly for recreational purposes not documentaional purposes. I made these equipment temps to scale to go with the standard RBK Edge template that I always use. I will also add to this template page over time. I plan on adding the new and old Tampa Bay Lightning pants at some point as well as other glove and helmet brands/styles. So I'll pass along the updated version of this sheet to Ryan when completed.

Colin M. said...

4 sleeve stripes on Steven's Isles concepts = 4 stanley cups (I assume) ... going to 2 stripes on the sleeves would be a mistake, IMO. I like the look of the 4 stripes, and the symbolism.

COTW nomination for that one from me.

Tex said...


It doesn't really matter, it's still great resource, thanks.

Steven Grant said...

@Colin M, You are correct, the 4 sleeve stripes are for the 4 stanley cup victories.

Tex said...

Second the nomination.

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