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COTW Winner... COTY SEPT Starts!

Kevin brought this to my attention.The Flyers subtly changed their NOB and numbers. The boldness switched from the NOB to the player number. I personally like to find out these small changes. They're kind of neat and then I proceed to bug my wife with these factoids that she could care less about!

Here are the results of the COTW vote...

Jose - 4
Ryan - 2
Jari - 1
Stephane - 1
Shaun - 0

Jose wins his first COTW! To see his winning entry go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page.

I almost forgot, but now we move on to the COTY-September vote!Go to the 2011 COTY page, or click the banner on the left, to see the entrants. Committee Members can submit their votes until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. After that vote we move on to the 3rd Quarter Vote!

I got an email from Matt who's associated with the Reston Raiders Hockey Club. They are looking to re-design their logo and he wanted to let HJC artists know that they are welcome to submit their entries. Here is the old logo which was being referred to as "Happy Pirate".The team wears a jersey VERY similar to the original Tampa Bay Lightning Edge jerseys, so try to keep your logo within that colour scheme. Submissions are being accepted up until October 15th. Email your entry to Rene Shiohama (Registrar@RestonRaiders.com). You can also email it to HJC, but that's not an official entry, it will just be to show the readers your work. You can check out the "press release" HERE.

There may not be a post on Monday. It's Thanksgiving this weekend here in Canada, so there may not be time to get to a computer. IF that happens, the regular Monday post will be on Tuesday with the COTW vote extended an extra day.

Here are the SKA St. Petersburg entries that have come in...

SKA St. Petersburg concepts (by HJC)
SKA St. Petersburg concepts (by Ricky)
SKA St. Petersburg concepts (by Stephen)


Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Brandon C.)
Calgary Flames concept (by MasonII)

Ottawa Senators concept (by Nevill)Will the new Senators 3rd jersey be popular enough to be promoted to full-time jersey? If so, would we then see a white road sweater, like this, to match?

Heritage Classic concepts (by WhiteLightning)I REALLY like the Leafs mash-up that White gives us here. My favourite part is the blue letters on the blue jersey, a nod the Harold Ballard's stubbornness! The Habs one is cool, but I think it would be better in true white as opposed to vintage white.

Heritage Classic concepts (by Brendan)Almost all Heritage Classic concepts I've gotten since the last game in February, have involved the Leafs. This one has them playing the Senators. Brendan has the Senators wearing a full barberpole, similar to that of the OHL's 67's. Brendan has also done a really nice job adapting that old Leafs jersey to the Edge template.

Team Canada concepts (by WhiteLightning)These are intended as 2014 Olympic Games concepts. I like how classic they are and we really haven't seen the vintage white used in international hockey too much yet. It might be a little too soon to call that 3rd jersey "retro". However, it was my favourite Team Canada sweater.

New York Islanders concept (by Avi)This jersey is a little to basic for me. It doesn't look bad though. In fact, it's way better than what they will give us as a 3rd jersey! This is a touch off topic, but it bothers me that we are waiting on the Isles to release their TERRIBLE new 3rd jersey before we get the jersey code for NHL 12!!!

The "Last Frontier Game" concepts (by Kevin)Kevin proposes these concepts as the jerseys worn for an outdoor game between to two Alaskan schools. This is the first time I've seen that Seawolves logo and it is KILLER! I like the Nanooks jersey, but I think the yoke should be yellow on the Seawolves sweater.
COTW Winner... COTY SEPT Starts! Reviewed by Ryan on October 07, 2011 Rating: 5

1 comment:

Roger said...

the isles concept is simple, and simple is good in this case. you don't want anything too drastic to ruin their perfect rebrand! unfortunatley, Mr. Wang doesn't care about the fact that the Isles don't really even need a third right now but would rather ca$h in on a new (and terrible) sweater. i especially like the back of the collar honoring their 4 Stanley Cups, perfect touch.

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