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3rd Quarter Winner!!!

The winner of the 3rd Quarter Vote is Eric W. and his Team Canada concepts! You can go to the 2011 COTY page to see the winning entry. The results of the vote are below.

Eric W. - 5
Matt D. - 2
Connor - 1

We will hold off on the 1st Quarter winner versus the 3rd Quarter winner until January, when we have winners for all 4 quarters. The brackets, if you're interested, are also on the 2011 COTY page.

The October 10-16 COTW winner was also determined last night. The winner is Kevin's Nashville Predators concepts. This is Kevin's 4th COTW win! You can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the winning entry. Results of the vote are below.

Kevin - 4
WhiteLightning - 2
Roger - 1
MasonII - 0

Minnesota Winter Classic entries #3

Minnesota Winter Classic concepts (by Brendan)
Minnesota Winter Classic concepts (by Brian D.)
Minnesota Winter Classic concepts (by Chris B.)
Minnesota Winter Classic concepts (by Michael L.)
Minnesota Winter Classic concepts (by WinnipegJets96)

As I said yesterday... I love this contest so much that I want to do another one for the next contest in a couple of weeks. If you have an idea for a big hockey game event (ie Winter Classic in New York, Heritage Classic in Montreal) then send it in. If you have a logo for the event then send that in as well. I will choose the best idea as our next contest! You have a week and a bit until I decide, so take your time.

My idea is the "Battle of the Big Apple" Rangers vs Islanders.

I said a couple of weeks ago that when the new Sens numbers were available on Shop.NHL.com I'd post them. Well, here they are as promised...

Ottawa Senators jersey numbers


Chicoutimi Sagueneens concept (by Tex)
St. Louis Blues concept (by Sam O.)

Winter Classic concepts (by Martin)This is Martin's entry into PuckDrawn's Winter Classic competition.

Pittsburgh Pirates concepts (by Kyle C.)Oddly, I like the black jersey, but not the white one. I know, I know, it's pretty much just a reverse jersey, but it just seems plain to me. I do like the 3rd jersey though! I think though that the colours on the arm stripes should switch the order that they are in.

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Lachlan)Again, Lachlan uses his own hybrid Edge template. He brings back a couple of former Sens 3rd jerseys and create a new white sweater to go with them. I like that white sweater, nice work.

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by HJC)With the Hawks disposing of their 3rd jersey, I think it really opens the door for some really cool ideas. The Hawks look is most commonly voted as the best identity by the fans, so I think you could get some good stuff now as potential 3rds. This is one of my ideas.

Dallas Stars concept (by Avi)I like the Dallas script on the jersey. However, I think it's better suited for an alternate sweater. Use green and gold as the main jerseys and then use something like this for the 3rd. It's a touch retro and uses the football inspired script.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Steven G.)Steven is not a fan of the Kings removing the purple from their main colour scheme, but he doesn't mind the retro jerseys. So he put together these concepts. I really like them! I'm a fan of the move back to the black and silver, but if they didn't do that then these would be my 2nd choice. COTW nomination from me!
3rd Quarter Winner!!! Reviewed by Ryan on October 21, 2011 Rating: 5


BlueAndWhiteForever said...

How about an AHL outdoor game in St. John's? The weather is perfect here for an outdoor game. And they could play at King George V Stadium. It seats 10000.

Tex said...

My Cicoutimi concept may be the worst ever.

Tylor said...

Do you have the TV numbers for the Senators available?

Tex said...

I don't like the Pirates set. I assume it's Pens related, if so, then it just seems wrong to have anything related to winning branded as the Pirates. But if not, then it's good.

Kris said...

I like th Pirates concepts, but I don't like the powder blue on the alt.

BlueAndWhiteForever said...

@Ryan your Blackhawks concept is great and gets a COTW nom from me.

Ryan said...

@Tylor: No I don't. I'd just take these numbers and shrink them to about a 1/3 of their size.

Tex said...


I agree, powder blue has nothing to do with the Pirates.

Brandon C said...

If you look at the shoulder patches on the home and road jerseys, the is powder blue on the logo. It's obvious that that's where the blue came from.

As for why there's powder blue on the alternate jersey when that shoulder patch is not on it, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Blue is on the shoulder patch on the pirates jersey. There just isn't a lot of it.

Joni said...

Avi's Dallas jersey for COTW

Jose Luis Gutti said...

I like the concept of Brian, w big point is very good and I like chicago jersey but I would make the biggest bands.

cody said...

steven for COTW! someone got the kings right. its not old school nor is it grey and black. its perfect! the yellow should stay the pens, blues and flames colour.


The Pittsburgh Pirates used that shade of blue called "Harding Blue" because first lady Florence Harding liked that color so the adopted in honor of her! That's why they have that shade of blue!

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