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October 31, 2011

Week of October 31 - November 6, 2011

We are now well into the new season and we might have some new people reading HJC now. If that is you first off, hello. Secondly, I suggest that you check out the ABOUT/CONTACT HJC page. I'd then take a look at the TEMPLATES page as that is where you can find everything to get started on making your own concepts. That goes for everyone as well. That page gets updated every month or so. Maybe there's something on there that you missed and could use?

I'd also like to direct everyone to the COTW/COTY rules. They have been posted since March, but I don't think everyone has seen them. You can see them by clicking HERE.

The COTW nominees are up! You can see them listed on the left side of the page. You can click that banner or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see all of the entries. Voting Committee members can email their votes in until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

The Minnesota Winter Classic competition was the most popular competition HJC has ever had! A lot of the entries were really good as well and the voting reflects that. There was a strong push this weekend from all of the other concepts, but in the end WhiteLightning's college inspired concepts came out on top!Below are the complete results of the voting.If you don't understand the tie-breakers feel free to email me and I will explain them to you. The entries were so good that I will leave the gallery up for another day. You can have a second look at them HERE.

With the popularity of the Winter Classic comp, we now have the Heritage Classic Competition!Go check out the HERITAGE CLASSIC COMP page for all of the rules and details, or you can click the banner on the right. I look forward to seeing these entries as well!

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Jeremy)Jeremy has made a modification on the mid-90's 3rd jersey and he's Edge'd it. Looks like Jeremy could use a trip to the TEMPLATES page to get a cleaner template.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Stephen T.)It looks like the Penguins jerseys were popular last week. Here Stephen Edge's the 90's jersey and gives us an accompanying white version. This is one of those concepts that we've seen a couple of times before.

Dallas Stars concept (by Jeremy)Jeremy has brought back the unused North Stars jersey from 1987 and applied it to the Dallas Stars. I think it would be cool if the star in the logo had the same colour pattern as the arm and hem stripes.

Dallas Stars concept (by Spirit104)I like this Stars jersey, and I especially think that the striping works well for the Stars. The thing I would change is I would make the numbers white.

New York Rangers concept (by Jose)It looks like Jose has placed the Rangers' Winter Classic logo on one of the fake jerseys that have been for sale on the internet. Those fake jerseys are actually based on one of Jose's concepts that was posted a few months ago on HJC.

Ottawa Senators concepts (by WhiteLightning)We get some Sens concepts from out Winter Classic winner here. White gives us a road vintage white sweater to match the new Sens 3rd jersey. That looks cool and I wouldn't be surprised to see White use it again in the Heritage Classic Competition! The retro 3rd jersey with the new logo is also pretty good. This is solid and I give it a COTW nomination.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Avi)Avi has tried to simplify the Jackets' 3rd jersey. He's removed the vintage white and the yokes. Then he added shoulder patches. I like this, but the only thing I'd change (and this is VERY minor) is the jersey cut. I'd go with the traditional cut (same as what the current 3rd jersey uses) as opposed to this long arms Reebok cut.

October 29, 2011

Weekend Update

Consider this your weekend post!

You know I have to start off with a reminder to Committee Members, that have not yet voted for the Minnesota Winter Classic competition, to vote. It looks like we have our winner, but if you want to change that (or help that) then get your votes in before Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.


Clarence Mustangs concepts (by Chuckie9131)
St. John's Ice Caps concept (by Eric T.)

New York Islanders concept (by Mason II)It's a simple formula here, but I like this option better than what the Islanders will give us. This wouldn't be the perfect choice, but that black sweater definitely won't be.

Calgary Flames concept (by Roger)Roger uses the logo of the Calgary Mustangs of the AJHL to create this Flames 3rd jersey concept. I think a small addition of red somewhere would make this jersey better. It's not bad, but I see a lack of one of the Flames' primary colours.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Brian B.)Brian would like the see the colours of the numbers and namebar, on the possible upcoming Winter Classic sweater, switched. I agree with him.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Spirit104)I really like this one by Spirit! I like the simple striping, yet it's still different enough from what they use. It's not overly noticeable, but I'd also like to see the hem stripes match the arm and sock stripes. I also like the white shoulder patches.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Avi)Avi brings black and silver back into the equation. Apparently, we might see the victory stripes under the arms by next year, at the earliest. I like this as it's still simple like the Lightning want it, yet it uses the colours that have been commonly associated with the Bolts.

Goofy's Hockey Homicide concepts (by Alan)Remember those old Disney Goofy cartoons where he did certain activities and it was narrated? He did one for hockey called "Hockey Homicide". Alan created these jerseys from that cartoon. Personally, as a Disney lover, I think these are awesome!!! Also, they are a really neat idea when getting away from NHL concepts. I give these a huge COTW nomination!

October 28, 2011

COTW Winner

The October 17-23 COTW finished last night and the winner is Avi and his Anaheim Ducks concept! The results are below.

Avi - 3
Steven G. - 2
Jon E. - 1
Nevill - 0

This is Avi's 6th COTW win, but his first with a concept that wasn't for the Blue Jackets! You can see Avi's winning entry on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page.

Speaking of voting, the Minnesota Winter Classic vote continues. If there are Committee Members who haven't voted yet, be sure to get your Top 5 votes in before Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

Also, next week's contest will be a Heritage Classic. Send in a logo for the fictional event and it may get used for the competition!


Los Angeles Kings concept (by MasonII)
Las Vegas Aces concepts (by Cody)

Winter Classic concepts (by Stephen T.)Trying to look past the lack of numbers etc. It looks like we have a black version of a Quakers jersey for the Flyers. The Rangers concept looks to be a 1970's inspired jersey with the colours switched around.

Hartford Whalers concept (by WinnipegJets96)I was always more of a fan of the green Whalers rather than the post-1992 blue Whalers. As such, I think I'd prefer this concept if the green was the more prominent colour. Still, a good concept.

Connecticut Whale concepts (by Trevor)I like what Trevor has done to the old logo! He then has placed it on some retro jerseys. I think that old blue jersey is a great choice as a 3rd!

St. Louis Blues concept (by Tex)I like the jersey striping here and the shade of blue that has been used. I've never been a fan of the logo being in white though.

New York Islanders concepts (by Steven G.)Steven tries to do something a little different, as far as the Islanders go. Clearly they have a fauxback look to them, but I think they're pretty good. I think they could be even better if you went to 2 stripes on the arm by removing the top and bottom ones. The white jersey is my favourite of the two.

Winter Classic concepts (by St├ęphane)St├ęphane says these are "retro for retro sake". Funny thing is that the Flyers jersey is pretty close to what we might actually see. As far as "retro for retro sake" I think we might start seeing more of that. I also think that seeing more retro just for retro will lead NHL jersey styles out of this retro phase and into the next phase of trendy jersey designs.

I nearly forgot to share this! Matt sent this in and it is phenomenal! These are MS Paint compatible. Just click on the image below and save! I'll also be placing these on the TEMPLATES page.

October 27, 2011

Thursday Post #2

Welcome back! In case you missed the make-up post from earlier today, click HERE.

It was announced today that Pittsburgh will host the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. We also got a logo release for the event.

2012 NHL Entry Draft logo
I like the standardized look of the Draft logos with different elements that represent the event's location thrown in. Seeing this makes me think we might have a Draft logo/jersey contest sometime in the future. Same goes for the All Star Game, there might be a contest in the future!

As I mentioned earlier today, it is the final day to vote for COTW. That voting ends at 11:59pm EST tonight. So, Committee Members that don't have their vote in yet, be sure to email it in very soon.

As well, Minnesota Winter Classic competition voting continues until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Because the entries were so good, the voting is quite scattered, but there is one entry slowing pulling away from the pack!

Got a Heritage Classic logo for next week's contest? Email it in and it may be used.


First, we have a couple of entries that didn't make it into the Minnesota Winter Classic Competition. The first one used a direct retro jersey and the second one Sam couldn't decide on who the opponent should have been.

Minnesota Winter Classic concepts (by Kris)
Minnesota Winter Classic concept (by Sam N.)
Philadelphia Freebirds concepts (by WinnipegJets96)

Tropics of Orlando concepts Lightning AHL affiliate (by Cody)I like how Cody makes a link to the Florida Gators with the colours. I think a minor league team like this could work. Especially if you built a venue and placed them at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex (Atlanta Braves spring training facility).

Red Bull Salzburg Erste Bank Hockey League concepts (by Stephen T.)I didn't even know that Austria had its own prefessional hockey league. You can check out their website HERE, which is not in English, and their actual sweaters can be purchased HERE.

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by MasonII)I like the direction of this concept. It could be better than the 'Canes' actual 3rd. Personally, I'd switch the primary and shoulder crests. I'd also remove the red yoke outline. Solid job Mason.

New York Islanders concept (by Brian B.)Brian called this an Islanders fan's worst nightmare! Yes, the black jersey does look terrible, but call me crazy, I'm a fan of it in white! I look at this now and think that if the Islanders went with this white version I'd be all in favour of it!

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Kyle C.)On first look, Kyle takes a shot at Alexandre Burrows. Well done! I think there will be a lot of intrigue if/when the Canucks are involved in an outdoor game. Think about how many retro jerseys they have to draw from! One note from the concepts, I do like the "VC" logo in the 90's colours!

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Steven G.)The home and road jerseys are what most people would like to see the Canucks adopt as full-time sweaters. I like the 3 coloured collar that Steven has used on the road sweater. The 3rd jersey is based on the old WHL Vancouver Canucks (jersey #2). This set gets a COTW nomination from me.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Avi)A grey alternate Jets jersey! I love it, but the only thing that holds it back is the use of the wordmark on the front instead of the primary logo. The use of the wordmark makes it look more like a promotional beer jersey, in my opinion. I love the striping on the pants. Other than the logo, everything looks great.

Just in case there is any confusion, if you nominated something for COTW in today's earlier post Linkyou ARE still allowed to nominate something in this post! If you didn't nominate something earlier today then you are welcome to go back and nominate.

October 25, 2011

Making Up For Monday

I am very sorry for the delays this week. The internet provided in my neighborhood is not very good and it wasn't communicating properly with Blogspot. Alas, everything is back up and running!

The next contest will be announced on Monday. The only information that I will give you now is that it will be a Heritage Classic contest. The game's location has yet to be determined and that is where you come in. If you can, put together a quality Heritage Classic logo for the game in the location of your choice. I will choose the best logo and that is where our Heritage Classic will be held. The chosen logo will also be used on the jersey concepts!
Today is the final day to vote for COTW. It ends @ 11:59pm EST. Voting Committee members can email me their COTW vote.

Also, the Minnesota Winter Classic Competition voting continues. That runs until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Voting Committee members can email me their "TOP 5" votes until then. Click the banner on the right to see the entries and voting rules.


Nashville Predators hem alteration (by Brian B.)
Regina Broncos Dallas AHL affiliate concepts (by Cody)
Florida Panthers concept (by Adam)
Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Tex)*what he'd like to Pens to wear

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Stephen T.)
These look like the terrible early 80's jerseys, but with no logos on the arms. Those 80's jerseys were so bad that I want them in my jersey collection. Same goes for the fishsticks jerseys and the Wild Wing jersey.

Calgary Flames concept (by Roger)Roger would like the Flames to go full-time retro. He sent in this altered retro sweater as a road jersey option.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Ricky)Ricky changed one of MasonII's concepts into a powder blue jersey. Poor execution here as there is a dark blue hem stripe on the back, but not on the front. Also, there is still yellow in the logo and some a the jersey's stitching has been randomly removed.

Toronto St. Pats concept (by Roger)Back in 2002 the Leafs wore a St. Pats jersey at home against the Sabres and people loved it. Roger created this concept as a 3rd jersey option for the Leafs. I wouldn't be surprised to see a St. Pats jersey if the Leafs were to play an outdoor game. Nice work Roger, my only suggestion would be a white Leafs primary logo as shoulder patches.

Sodertalje former Elitserien club concepts (by Kyle C.)This team has typically worn red and black jerseys. Kyle has made them jerseys in the same colours as their crest. It also appears that he has moved the team to the NHL and they have adopted the Reebok Edge cut jersey. I like these jerseys. Unfortunately, it seems that Reebok jerseys have gotten away from angled stripes like what we get here.

Winter Classic concepts (by Brandon C.)We've seen that Rangers jersey a few times before, but the Flyers sweater is new. I like it, I think it suits the Flyers nicely. I wonder if the NHL will ever allow a team to wear vintage white in the Winter Classic? It would look really good.

Phoenix Coyotes concept (by Avi)I love the print that is used above the stripes, but I don't know what it's called or how it is associated with the Coyotes. I know that it is associated with the team though. It seems every black Coyotes concept that is sent in is better than what the team really uses. Why didn't the team figure this out? On a side note, want to know how bad attendance is in Glendale? Check out THIS photo from a game versus the Kings last week.

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Brian D.)These are awesome! The swords on the yellow jersey aren't my favourite, but I love the blue and white concepts A LOT! As soon as Brian sent these in I knew I was giving them a COTW nomination!

Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook, or check back here, as there will be another post later tonight! Probably around 8-9pm EST.