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Winter Classic concepts

Voting continues for the St. John's Ice Caps ReDesign until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. The new "Top 3" voting is great! We have 3 concepts that have started to separate themselves from the pack. If you haven't voted yet, be sure to do so.

COTW voting ended last night. Here are the results from that vote;

Brian D. (MSU) - 4
Ryan (SEA) - 3
Kris (WSH) - 1
Avi (PIT) - 0

Brian wins the COTW with his winning NCAA ReDesign entry! You can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to view his concept!

Today's post will feature all of the Winter Classic concepts that I have gotten since the logo was revealed just over a week ago.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by David B.)David gives us the Flyers' home sweater and uses vintage white as the main colour. Kevin, a Flyers store employee tells HJC that the actual Winter Classic jersey will be vintage white and it will become the 3rd jersey next season (according to his sources). Originally I had thought that there was a rule stating that one team had to wear a colour jersey versus another team that wears a white jersey. After a quick browse through the NHL Rulebook, I can't seem to find that rule anymore.

New York Rangers concept (by Martin)Martin gives us a good standard design for the Rangers. I don't understand the use of the current logo on the shoulders and helmet (floating in the middle of it) instead of the indicated retro logo. Also, the squiggles in the stripes are a question mark. They look good, but maybe not for the Rangers.

Winter Classic concepts (by MasonII)Mason adds collar laces and vintage white to the Flyers' 1980's jerseys. He opposes them with the 1976-78 Rangers jerseys, but he uses the team's Winter Classic logo. Vintage white also makes an appearance.

Winter Classic concepts (by Spirit104)How about the exact opposite? Spirit and Mason had no idea what the other had sent in! I like the way Spirit has used vintage white as another colour on a pure white jersey (Rangers jersey).

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by HJC)I did some very quick research on Philadelphia hockey. I came across a team called to Ramblers. I based an orange jersey on their jerseys and created a new shoulder patch based on the "R" logo that the Ramblers used. My favourite part of this is the design on the pants.

New York Rangers concept (by HJC)The Rangers showed us that they will be using a logo that was around in the early 30's. In that era, they didn't have a white jersey. So I thought I would make, what I think, a white Rangers jersey would have looked like in the 1930's. I've used the blue and red from the team's current 3rd jersey.

New York Rangers concepts (by Avi)Avi bases his concepts on the current alternate sweater. The top concept is that sweater with the Rangers' Winter Classic logo on it. The bottom sweater places some blue space between the red and vintage white stripes. It also uses the current NEW YORK script found on the 3rd jersey. I like these, they look really good. I just think it would be tough to sell fans a jersey that they have pretty much seen already.

New York Rangers concepts (by Matt M.)Matt simplifies the shoulder yoke on the current road jersey and uses vintage white. We get to see both options, wordmark & retro logo. I prefer the concept on top, but I would prefer it with a red collar like the bottom one has.

Kevin, who I mentioned above, also tells me that the Winter Classic jerseys will be released to the public for sale around American Thanksgiving. Wow, what a coincidence, just in time for all the "Black Friday" shopping.

Tomorrow is the HJC Fantasy Hockey League Live Draft! All team owners should have received an email from me explaining everything. Only one team is in question right now. Jim operates the L.A. Hitmen and if you could just shoot me a quick email Jim, just to let me know that you are still around.
Winter Classic concepts Reviewed by Ryan on September 30, 2011 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

I think the Rangers are more likely to wear a vintage white jersey. I don't see why the Flyers would.

Hockeymode said...

LOVE your Flyers concept, Ryan! COTW!

Anonymous said...

The coloration of the jerseys is based off of info from Kevin, who works has an "inside source". "The jersey the Flyers wear will be a Cream color while the Rangers wear Blue." Any, Ryan I love that shoulder patch for the flyers jerseys, in fact the striping and everything are just an all around great classic look.
-Mason II

Scott Markiewicz said...

i heard from somewhere that the flyers will be wearing white and the rangers will be wearing blue, but dont quote me on it.

spirit104 said...

Hey, has anybody noticed that the red wings changed their font? I was watching the game the other night and it was different.

Ryan said...

@Spirit: They do that every year for the pr-season. They don't use the regular font in pre season because each letter has to be specially cut.

spirit104 said...

i wasnt chatting during the draft because my chat stopped working for some reason

Judah said...

If the guy you mentioned has disappeared from the fantasy league, is there a chance I could claim his team?

Ryan said...

@Judah: Sorry, we're all good. I'll keep you in mind if someone drops out.

cody said...

cool. ryan if yopu can find a copy of the preseson lettering id be very much appreciated.

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