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Week of September 5-11, 2011

The winner of the AHL Create-A-Team is Eric W. with his Brandon Jets concepts! I guessed this would happen, but because there were so many entries the voting was quite scattered. Eric's concept won with 2 votes! Here are other concepts that received one vote;
Kansas City Ducks
Long Island Patriots
Miami Tridents
Minnesota Moose
Richmond Tropical Storm
Utah Gunners

With the win, Eric's concept moves into a VERY challenging COTW group! The nominees are listed on the left side of the page and can be seen on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Voting runs until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

August-COTY vote continues until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. The entrant list is on the right side of the page and you can see those entrants on the 2011 COTY page.

Last week the Weekly Poll asked if at least one of your team's pre-season games was broadcast on TV. 66% of you said yes and 34% said no. I have personally found that the Weekly Poll has become a bit stale. In an effort to pick it up I have changed its format from a poll to an open forum.

This week's Weekly Poll is talking about the new Jets jerseys.Go to the JETS UNIS page to leave a comment on what you want to see released on Tuesday. Then after the jerseys are unveiled, go back and leave your thoughts on the new sweaters.

This week brings a new ReDesign! A NCAA ReDesign!Click the banner on the left side of the page for all of the rules. It's so important that you read and follow the rules. For the AHL contest at least 50% of the entries did not initially follow the rules. I'm looking forward to this ReDesign!

Just over a week away from the release of NHL 12.I still am looking for some more players for an EASHL team on xBox360 for the game. If you're interested, send me an email. So far we have myself and two other players. Three more players would be preferable.

I was chosen as a fantasy team owner for Icethetics IceHL! I will be operating the Dallas Outlaws all season!You can follow the team on Twitter HERE. Possible jersey contest in the future?

If you enjoy fantasy hockey, stay tuned to HJC when teams start reporting to training camps!


Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Dylan)
Toronto Maple Leafs logo alterations (by Felix)
Crystal Beach Mad Fish (by Chuckie9131)

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Russ)My 3 big questions for tomorrow's Jets jerseys are what the stripes, yokes and home colour will be. We know we won't see an alternate this year, but when there is one I don't mind a light blue sweater like what Russ has here. We also know that Russ has the pants correct in his concept!

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Brady)This is just my opinion, but these jerseys look like a CHL Winnipeg Jets team. Maybe it's the "WINNIPEG" script at the bottom. It reminds me of the QMJHL's Saint John Sea Dogs.

Winter Classic concept (by Spirit104)There are a lot of people infatuated with the idea of an outdoor game in the south. I guess the idea being that they did it before in Las Vegas and the NHL owns a portable rink that they can set up pretty much anywhere. I like the Winter Classic logo that Spirit has come up with here, but I don't think the jerseys really have any throwback feel to them except for the retro Kings logo.

Team Argentina concept (by Jose)Jose takes the Argentinian national soccer kits and turns them into hockey sweaters.

Connecticut Whale concepts (by Tommy G.)It's amazing that a simple idea such as placing the Whale colours on Rangers jerseys can created something 10x better than what the team wears now! As more time passes I realize how much they buggered up this whole Connecticut Whale brand!

Boston Bruins concept (by Ryan)Simple recipe here as I used the 1996 yellow Bruins alternate jersey and Edge-ified it. Then I used the Austin Bruins (NAHL) logo, added Tim Thomas' number and WHAM, a Bruins concept.

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Matt D.)Matt rocked HJC last week with his awesome concepts. The proof is in all the COTW nominations. He starts this week with the Ottawa Senators. These are all great jerseys. The home and away are much better than what they use now! The font on the back is ok. I like the letters, but not the numbers. Matt, we want more concepts! Where are ya?
Week of September 5-11, 2011 Reviewed by Ryan on September 05, 2011 Rating: 5


Hockeymode said...

So, I can't use Merrimack? Can't seem to find them in sportslogos.net...

Hockeymode said...

Or could someone please just tell me wich teams that has got a black-yellow-white-colorscheme?

(I would like to make a jersey with those colors but I'm Swedish so I don't know anything about College Hockey.)

Ryan said...

Go to this link and start clicking on the NCAA logos to see the teams that are eligible.


cody said...

@Hockeymode Alabama State uses yellow black grey and white. there logo on the sportslogos website.

Matt Marczel said...

I'm seriously jonesing for some NHL hockey. I'm like a herione addict whose been cut off. Haven't been able to play any NHL 11 since my PS3 commited suicide (RLOD) back in June. NHL 12 next week, NHL season begins in a month, woohoo relief on the way.

Ryan said...

@Matt: I feel the exact same way...minus the RLOD

michaelnedrow said...


Hey, I just want to say sorry if my last email sounded curt (which it should've I was pissed, but wrong; you were right). Just needed to say that. Next time I'll read the rules


michaelnedrow said...

Felixs second logo is awesome. I love A clever desIgn.

cody said...

Brady you rock my socks off. remove that script and your good to go. why not use that jet logo on the third as a shoulder patch? it would totally bring your concept up to COTW.

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