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Week of September 26 - October 2, 2011

This may be the biggest post ever for HJC. Lots of information in today's post.

To start, the comments are now being moderated. We had someone who was abusing the comments section and until people like that go away, comments have to be approved be me. So, when you leave a comment now it won't show up right away. It will be there after I approve it through my email. I get emails on my phone every 15 minutes so the comments should be kept fairly current.

The COTW playoff winner from Sept12-18 is Kevin and his St. Louis Blues concepts!Kevin beat Mason H. in the playoff vote by a score of 3-2.

Here are the last two entries into the St. John's Ice Caps competition...

St. John's Ice Caps concepts (by Kevin)
St. John's Ice Caps concepts (by HJC)

Voting now begins! Click the banner on the right or go to the ICE CAPS COMP page to see how the new voting system works. To sum up, you will now submit your top 3 choices (in order) and you're allowed to vote for yourself!

The entry phase for this year's HJC Fantasy Hockey League is over.For those in the league, I will be setting up the scoring system after tomorrow's post. I also want to hold a live draft this weekend (preferably in the evening Saturday or Sunday). Send me an email and let me know times this weekend that would be convenient for you.

The Winter Classic was officially announced today, finally! Despite rumours from my Flyers "source"...Kevin...the jerseys were not revealed today. However there is a rumour that the jerseys were at the press conference, so maybe some images may leak.

The Rangers also gave us their official logo for the event.The Flyers did as well, but it's just the regular logo with vintage white.

Here are some Winter Classic concepts that came in over the weekend.

Winter Classic concepts (by WinnipegJets96)That Lady Liberty jersey looks AWESOME on the Edge cut! I doubt very much though that the Flyers would use the slightly unpopular Edge black jersey.

Winter Classic concepts (by HJC)This is just a regular Flyers home sweater with vintage white and some adjustment to the numbers. I also added laces.

Winter Classic concepts (by Kevin)This one from Kevin combines a few eras of Flyers jerseys and uses the vintage white.

Winter Classic concepts (by Avi)Avi gives us the current Flyers home with a black outline. The Rangers jersey is pretty cool!

Winter Classic concepts (by Jose)If I had to put money on a Rangers design, it would be something similar to this. Except Drury won't be playing in the game. He'll be like us, watching from the couch.

Last week's Weekly Poll discussed why most Americans don't watch hockey. It pretty much boiled down to the fact that they grew up with football and baseball ingrained in them. We also discovered that hockey is very popular in the northern States, beating out baseball and/or basketball in some areas. Then somehow, the conversation slipped into how popular Nascar is...

This week's poll asks if you could choose any NHL player to start a team with, who would it be? You can click on the banner on the right or go to the WEEKLY POLL page to leave your comment. And lets try and keep the conversation on topic this week...

The COTW nominees have been listed on the left side of the page (incl. Brian's NCAA COMP winner). Click on that banner or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the nominees! Voting ends on Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. Committee members can send in their votes now.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Bob)Bob sees a superhero logo in the Bolts' logo. Thus, he dresses them as superheros, red capes and all!

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Martin)These are a bunch of 3rd jersey ideas from Martin. I really only like the grey one. The other seems a little plain and the logos are too big, I think. I appreciate the effort into creating his own logo for the yellow jersey.

Karlis Skrastins memorial patches (by Arthur)Arthur creates this simple and respectful memorial patches to be worn on the Dallas Stars' jerseys or helmets.

NYU concepts (by John T.)I'm not a fan of these, but it's hard to know what else you could do with the jerseys. I don't know much about NYU. Maybe some trim that is the colour of the cat logo?

Team Canada concepts (by Arthur)I really like that Arthur included practice jerseys with this set! The 2014 jerseys look awesome as well! Unfortunately, Canada won't be able to wear them as the 1972 Summit Series team own that design and they don't see eye-to-eye with Hockey Canada.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Spirit104)I like everything here, except I would place the bluenote logo under the ST LOUIS script. I'd also give them a classic sock to go with a classic looking jersey.

San Jose Sharks concepts (by Stéphane)A week or so ago, a concept was posted that sparked a conversation about the use of orange by the Sharks, secondary or trim? Stéphane gives us a great concept here using a retro jersey and orange as a secondary colour. He also gives the shark an authentic colour. This is great, I give it a COTW nomination.

Now off to prepare the Dallas Outlaws for tonight's IceHL West draft!
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JP said...

I'd love to see those Sharks jerseys on the RBK player model.

Anonymous said...

@ JP : if I fin d a couple of minutes to make it, it's a deal.

Kevin said...

I apologize for saying that the jerseys would be revealed at the press conference today. It was my managers understanding that the press conference would not only acknowledge that the Flyer would host the Rangers, but the jerseys were to be unveiled. The jerseys in fact WERE at the press conference, but not released to the media for Chinese Wholesale reasons.
I can give you all a hint of what they look like, but I have not personally seen them as of yet.

The jersey the Flyers wear will be a Cream color while the Rangers wear Blue. No info on the Rangers jerseys, but the Flyers jersey will be something new to the Edge cut and something we have all never seen before! KEEP YOUR HEADS UP FOR THE WEEK BEFORE THANKSGIVING AS THAT IS THE TIME THE JERSEYS SHOULD COME OUT TO THE PUBLIC!

Anonymous said...

Being a Flyers fan I don't like any off white or cream white to be place on their jersey. So, far what I see here posted on Flyers is okay, but no cigar, yet... Stephane's concept is nice. I would drop a stick from the shark entirely and that would be the winner, never like that stick on their logo. Shark is intimidating enough without anything IMO.

michaelnedrow said...

Stephane, did you create your own logo for the Sharks concept?

cody said...

stephane for COTW! the shark logo is awesome plus the orange really makes a nice contibution in the jersey.

Anonymous said...

@Michaelnedrow: create is a big word here... I retraced the secondary Sharks logo in Illustrator, then recolored it. I should have mention it. My mistake.

@anonymous: I'll try that!

Anonymous said...

@Stephane : I love the way you recolored the shark , it looks 100 times better that their current teal. By the way, there are no teal colored shark in the ocean. Your logo color concept reminds me a great logo from a team that plays in Germany in a city of Cologne. Nice, solid concept - good job, tre bien, mon ami. I would love to see a hockey team be back in Quebec some time soon.

ArthurD said...

Kevin, you make me feel like I've got an industry inside scoop! These updates you're giving are awesome.

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