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Week of September 12-18, 2011

Here are the final batch of NCAA ReDesign entries!

Michigan concepts (by Brian D.)
USF concepts (by Dwayne)
Miami RedHawks concepts (by Martin)
Maine concepts (by Mason II)

In total we have 24 entries for this contest. To see all of the entries go to the NCAA COMP page. Then, Committee members can email in their vote to me. I encourage everyone that is on the Committee that has entered to still vote, even though you can't vote for yourself. If your concept is good enough people will vote for it. If people continue not to vote in every event that they are involved in then we will continue to have votes with final scores of 3-2 or 2-1, things like that. Your call...

The COTY-August playoff ended last night. The playoff was between Mason H. and Eric, and the winner is...Eric! Eric won the playoff by a score of 3-2. To see Eric's winning entry go to the 2011 COTY page.

The COTW nominees have been determined. You can see the list of nominees on the left side of the page. Click that banner to see the concepts or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Committee members have until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST to vote.

The Weekly Poll moves into its second week in the new format. Either click the banner on the right or go to the WEEKLY POLL page to get involved in the discussion. This week we are talking about what you prefer jersey cut wise, CCM or Reebok Edge?
NHL 12 comes out tomorrow. Please forgive me if the posts are lacking this week, or if I miss a post on a certain day. It will be very hard to peel me away from the game. I have already warned my wife! If you're getting the game tomorrow and you want to be on an EASHL team (xbox) then send me an email and include your gamertag. We still have 2 spots open.


Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by MasonII)
Buffalo Sabres concept (by Craig)

Winnipeg Jets concept (by MasonII)This was sent in pre-jersey release. I'm on board with it except for the vertical piping. Actually, on second look this would be a good jersey for the Ice Caps!

Dallas Stars concepts (by Kris)Kris uses the old jerseys with the Texas Stars logos. Then he goes back to the football inspired script for the black alternate. I wonder how long it will be before there's enough pressure by fans and the team on Reebok to make this jersey again. It seems everyone wanted it and still does!

Dallas Stars concept (by MasonII)This one doesn't work for me. I don't mind the striping, but the star in a circle logo seems so obvious. I also don't like the white collar insert, maybe it should be green or gold. TV numbers, shoulder patches, blah blah blah...

Chicago Wolves concept (by Brandon S.)Brandon tries to give some connection between the Canucks and their new farm team. If we didn't know those were Coyotes logos, it would be pretty good. I do like that he kept the Wolves' colours as Chicago seems to be one of those AHL staples, to me at least.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Mason H.)Mason was messing around with last year's All Star template and ended up with this Flyers concept. Even though it's a bit crazy I don't mind it. I wouldn't want to see it on the ice, but as a special edition fan's jersey would be cool. I also really like the alternate captain's A. I give this a COTW nomination.

St. Louis Blues concepts (by Brandon S.)Brandon brings back some retro jerseys for the Blues' 45th anniversary. He's also made a pretty sharp patch from the alternate logo! He's even used the retro logo in his patch.
Week of September 12-18, 2011 Reviewed by Ryan on September 12, 2011 Rating: 5


Felix. said...

Dallas concept by Mason is an awesome concept for a Heineken beer event- I love it, way to go , Mason!!!Brandon's Chicago Wolves mask logo reflect his reaction on my comments most likely - sorry, but a wolf emerging from a " C " doesnt' really work well, it looks better with a " W ", but I admire an effor5t that he put in.

KyleS said...

I actually like craigs concept, I think its unique that he put the logo on the arms, and not on the shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no link with the post, but I had to say it: thank god hockey is back! The Habs rookie camp just started today!!! At last!

Tyler said...

Nice concepts today. I love the dallas one. PS3 EASHL team anyone?
Got the early release and it is awesome. Thank God hockey is back. Im sick of baseball.

Brandon said...

I just wanted to say im sorry about yesterday. i had to work early in the morning and didnt have a good day so i was not in a good mood. I know your comments today were okay, but the ones yesterday really made me angry because there was nothing good about any concept, regardless of whose it was

Anonymous said...

Flyers looks cool

Felix said...

Brandon, not a problem - I'm a very forgiven guy. Will look forward for more concepts from you.

Kevin said...

I work for the Flyers, and that flyers concept looks like a street hockey jersey they sell in my store

ArthurD said...


Anonymous said...

Ryan, I missed your email(s). Did you get my e-mail with attachments?
I'm aware that you're enjoying NHL 12 at the moment- but business is still business - same as child and need constant attention. Will hear from you soon.

Ryan said...

@Anonymous: Who are you?

Felix said...

Sorry, Ryan, it was me when I post it from my PC at work.

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