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Today Was The Big Day

Today was the big day. The Jets jerseys might have been the most anticipated jersey release ever...at least in the age of Reebok! If you want to leave your thoughts about the new sweaters, click on the Jets banner on the right of the page. The Weekly Poll has been turned into an open forum!

I know I'll probably get at least a few concepts of what people would have liked to of seen from the Jets today. I'll try to post those all week.

Looking for editable blank Jets templates? Here they are;For those that don't know, you can find all 30 teams' blank jerseys HERE (along with some retired jerseys). That page can be found under the TEMPLATES tab, on the "NHL Team Templates" link.

Also, these aren't authentic, but here are the jersey numbers...or at least the best I can do right now.

Here are the first batch of NCAA ReDesigns that have come in.

Michigan Wolverines (by Alan)
University of Texas (by Arthur)
Ohio State (by Tex)

Keep the entries rolling in. The deadline is Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

COTW and COTY-August voting continue until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. Get your votes in if you haven't already.

QUICK HITS (Outdoor Game Theme)

Sunshine Classic concepts (by Nevill)
Winter Classic concepts (by Brady)
Winter Classic concepts (by Kris)

New York Rangers concepts (by Mike A.)Mike made these concepts for a "Brooklyn Americans Tribute Night".

New York Rangers concept (by Tommy G.)I prefer white instead of silver and maybe no arm piping. It really would be cool to see the Lady Liberty logo on an Edge jersey sometime. I think the shoulder patches that accompany the Lady would be good here also.

Ohio Canons concepts (by Cody)Cody suggests that the Blue Jackets use their alternate logo full-time and re-brand themselves as the Ohio Canons, a move I personally don't understand. The jersey striping pattern is a winner. As I've said before, that could work for almost any team. A couple of notes, the logos are too big for the jerseys. Also, people respond to concepts that show effort. This has no numbers, no names or no TV numbers (sleeve numbers). To some, myself included, it looks like a re-coloured Providence Bruins jersey set with a very slightly modified Blue Jackets logo hastily pasted on to it.

Team Norway concept (by Jose)Solid concept by Jose. I did like their sweaters at the Olympics, but this flag jersey would be great as an alternate to those.

Dixie Rebels concepts (by Michael N.)This was supposed to be Michael's AHL entry. Unfortunately, he didn't get it in on time. Too bad, I think this could have been a winner. The logo could be made smaller across the chest.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Brian)We've seen the real Jets jerseys now. Brian sent these in prior to that, obviously. Which do you prefer, Brian's or the actual sweaters? I prefer Brian's white sweater and the actual home.

Baltimore Blackjacks concepts (by Ryan)Currently I'm working on creating some teams for cities that don't have one. Baltimore was the first that I did. I called them the Blackjacks because I thought it was a pretty cool name/logo (my creation) and for the use of the double B's.
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cody said...

thanks for the input. they actually are based off the providence jerseys.

Tex said...

Alan's Michiscum, er Michigan is not bad, Except for the school he chose. OH-

ArthurD said...

You should've done a sweatervest alternate. Too soon?

cody said...

to rayn i have always found the blue jackets moniker a little weird. i mean the cannons sounds better and makes a bunch of sense because ohio has a big history of cannons and war. what do they mean by saying the blue jackets? its a peice of clothing.

Tex said...

No, I LOVE JT!!! I'm gonna do that anyway, thanks for the idea.

Tex said...

In the civil war, the union troops wore blue uniforms, earning the name "blue Jackets" from confederate troops. Ohio, was obviously part of the union and that's why they named the team after that, I think its a good name.

ArthurD said...

Hahaha Ryan if Tex sends that in, please post it even if it wont count for the competition

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