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Pre-Season in Full Swing

The pre-season is in full swing now. The Jets played their first two games yesterday, one in Columbus and one in Winnipeg. Funny, they wore their white jerseys for both the road and home games. Here's our first look at the jersey in action (I think it looks great - as does Pavelec's mask!)The Leafs will be playing their 3rd game in as many nights tonight in Philly. Hopefully your team has gotten in some pre-season action and you're now back in "hockey season mode".

I will be closing off entry to the HJC Fantasy Hockey League on Friday. If you want to join then send me an email and we'll try to get you in. We need an even amount of teams in the league, so unfortunately there may be an odd man out.

Here are some more St. John's Ice Caps entries that have come in...

St. John's Ice Caps concepts (by Avi)
St. John's Ice Caps concepts (by Jaricasso)
St. John's Ice Caps concepts (by Martin)
St. John's Ice Caps concepts (by Stephen)
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Edmonton Oilers concept (by Tyler C.)
Vancouver Canucks playoffs "tribute" (by Bob T.)

9/11 tribute concept (by Felix)Felix sent these in the Monday after the 10th anniversary of 9/11. If the Rangers/Islanders/Sabres/Devils/Capitals/Penguins played during the early part of September, I'm sure they would have done some sort of remembrance thing.

Seattle Breakers concepts (by Cody)I'm not sure that the yellow and the olive green work well together here. It looks like a bad faded jersey from the early WHA. Even though they need work, it's good to see Cody starting to use TV numbers. Others should follow Cody's initiative.

New York Islanders concept (by Spirit104)Here is another black Islanders concept that uses the great helmet wordmark. I'd prefer white yokes to orange ones on this concept. The more I see black Islanders concepts the more I really start to think that the Islanders should have just left the idea of a black jersey on the cutting room floor.

New York Rangers concept (by Kevin D.)When the Flyers and Rangers unveil their Classic jerseys on Monday, do you think we will see this as the Rangers selection? I like the jersey I just think the Rangers can come up with an awesome fauxback mash-up (in the same sense that Boston and Pittsburgh did).

Philadelphia Flyers concepts (by Felix)These are cool unique designs yet you can see that they are still clearly based on the current jerseys. Felix has used his own personal Flyers logo on these as well. I prefer the orange one on the top because the Flyers look better in orange jerseys and I am tiring of the stripe across the chest look.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Avi)I am interested in hearing what people think about this one. It's well put together, but it could also be looked at as a little boring. The AHL Penguins had a white version of this jersey as one of their alternates a couple of years ago. I look at this and see a jersey that the Penguins would wear if they were a college team.
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Anonymous said...

I really like Avi's Penguins jersey. COTW nomination from me.

Avi said...

just wondering, what do you guys think of my ice caps concept? i havent really gotten any feedback from CCSLC

Tex said...

I like your Ice Caps concept, it's very unique, in a very good way. If you would've added a light blue fourth, that would have made it even better. I second The COTW nom from Kris. Though a logo on the shoulder would have added alot. Solid contept IMO.

Felix said...

Hello everyone! I like Jaricasso concept on St. Johns " IceCaps " jerseys, love the way he created a stripe pattern and his approach on socks, too. Avi's concept need some adjustments: 1. the off white collar doesn't look very good with the rest of the jersey opposit the baby blue collar that looks fantastic on the other jersey. I would keep a baby blue color on a collar. 2. I love the way he've done a hem stripes on an alternate jersey but don't like how the hem stripes looks on a home/away and for the same reason stripes on the arms, too. Avi, if you can somehow find a way to combine the alternate stripe(s) pattern with your home/away and create someting unique - that would do. Seattle " Breakers " concept needs more work and could look great if Cody can mixed up the colors in there and trade their places. I can see a road jersey can be made of red with lime/yellow stripes and lime yoke and some white otlines, too to make it more visible - needs more contrast in there. I'm not thrilled to see new Winnipeg " Jets " jersey nor their logo,as I've said that before - they could've and should've done a much better job with all that.

Avi said...

@Felix: where is there off-white on my ice caps concept? the colar on the home and alternate are white, with silver and blue trim on the hem/yoke

Felix said...

Avi, your concept clearly shows a baby blue color on a collar of the home jersey, a navy blue collar on a road jersey and a white collar on the alternate jersey. Then how come on a player wearing an alternate the collar is silver and on a player wearing a road jersey it is silver again - why not being more consistent?

Anonymous said...

What Felix means is that the collar on the player models are different colors than the ones on the jersey.

Avi said...

@Felix and @Kris: its meant to be white. the outline of the collar on the player template is grey, so its hard to differentiate between the two. i can send you a larger picture if you want

cody said...

thanks felix. acually i stole the green off the blue jackets! it was amn unused colour and i liked it a lot. plus the breakers are a WHL team now known as the thunderbirds. plus the red was my i dea for alt but i didn't get it done in time.

Felix said...

I added a gold color into a " Maple Leaf " white and blue color scheme and that can be called adding a color - not changing colors, as Ryan said before in one of his comments. I do like a gold colors for the lettering inside a "Maple Leaf " logo with a white outline - it does stands out better for a graphic sake versus plain white. I don't believe that a soft gold color would hurt or disturb anything at all into a " Leafs " color scheme. By the way, " Oilers", " Flames ", " Sharks ","Bolts " changed their colors from the original that they had- so, nothing is written in stone.

Felix said...

Avi, next time - please, display your concept in a way that nobody would question or ask questions about color here and color there.
Matt's concepts always displays nicely and accurately for that sake.

cody said...

felix u r making fun of avi concept but u should look at your flyers. the blacxk jersey is red, not orange.

Felix said...

Cody, I'm not making fun of anybody's concept ( never had and never will ) and the color on my "Flyers " black jersey is orange and not red for your information. There are plenty of different gradations and sagurations on any color and I'm in title to choose my own. Cody, your personal feelings about me shoudn't be in the away to simply talk about the hockey concepts in here. I'm talking again about the constructive criticism - NOT THE DESTRUCTION coming from you, so far.

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