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Oh No! What Have They Done?

Icethetics re-tweeted this today from the Minnesota Wild's equipment manager.That's right, when the season starts in October, all NHL players will be wearing their number on both the back and FRONT of their helmets! Who approved this?!?! Apparently when Reebok proposed that it be standard for all players to wear their number on the front of their pants it was unanimously voted down. Now all of a sudden, the player's number will appear on the front of the helmet? How is this going to help anyone? Did anyone have any trouble recognizing the players, or at least their numbers before this? Now we're getting into "cluttering the uniform" territory. To me, this may be the worst move in NHL uniform history since the 1996 3rd jerseys! Also, why are they waiting until the season starts? Why didn't this start at rookie tournaments? My thought is that the NHL knows there will be a backlash and is holding off on this until the last possible second. These helmet numbers may be around for the 2011-12 season, but lets hope that people like us cause enough noise that the numbers disappear by the 2012-13 campaign. Am I off base here? What do you guys think?

Actually, I was just looking at the Wild's equipment manager's (Tony Da Costa) Twitter account and he posts some pretty cool "behind the scenes" pics. You can follow him on Twitter, @Styleswild.

I also want to remind those of you that are playing in the Fantasy League this year, that you need to email me your team name, what email address you want me to contact you with, and if you are available for the live draft this Saturday @ 8:30pm EST. If you're not available, please let me know when a good time for you would be. Keep in mind that the draft needs to happen this weekend.

Committee members, don't forget to vote for COTW and the Ice Caps ReDesign, if you haven't already.


Toronto Maple Leafs wordmark (by Cody)
Los Angeles Kings concept (by Evan L.)

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Tyler C.)I would have liked this concept better if the gold was kept on the arms of the black jersey. I also think the numbers are better the way the Ducks have them now as opposed to this. The white jersey is cool except as I said above, it could use the current Ducks' numbering style. I think most people would like the white jersey if it did.

Dallas Stars concept (by WinnipegJets96)This looks to be based on the North Stars' jerseys of the late 1960's. To really make it Dallas Stars (instead of North Stars) I think using the "state of Texas" shoulder patch would be good.

Lev Poprad concept (by Jose)This is the KHL's newest team, as this is their first year in the league. In my opinion, it looks like Jose has "completed" the jersey. HERE and HERE is what the team's actual jerseys look like.

Ak Bars Kazan concept (by Jose)I think I prefer Ak Bars' current sweaters to this one. This concept just looks a little too "Christmasy" to me. Maybe if the green was more like what the teams actually uses, I'd like the concept better.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Kris)Next year I'm thinking we will probably get a 3rd jersey from the Jets. I would have to say that there are probably some designs being thrown around the team's office right now. Kris offers up these as some options. My favourite is the grey jersey at the bottom!

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Stéphane)Stéphane has altered the logo and simplified the colour scheme. He has also changed the font on the numbers to fit Winnipeg's military theme. I like the colour change, but I think the logo may be a bit too detailed. I know others will like it and that's cool because it is good. I just think a great logo is one that looks professional (don't get me wrong, this logo looks professional) and is easy for a child to doodle.

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Anonymous said...

Numbers on the front of the helmets? Are you kidding me? That's worse than numbers on the front of the jersey. Man, Buffalo and San Jose are gonna look really bad this year, worse than the other teams.

Matt Marczel said...

Yeah, I very much dislike the idea of adding numbers to the front of helmets, it is so unneccessary. But when comparing them to numbers on the front of jerseys, I would much rather have the numbers on the front of the helmet. But both IMO are equally horrible and unneccessary.

Anonymous said...

@Ryan: I agree with you, my logo mod is top detailed, which gives it a non-pro look... But let's remember from what it is inspired!!! ;-)

I think Reebok is europeanizing the look of the NHL. European division anyone?

Anonymous said...

@ Stephane Sinotte. I really like your effort on upgrading Jets logo in your concept. Based is what it is for right now - I would bring the jet more toward coming at us. But, this is the IDEA that hits me while I was looking at your modified logo - go back and take a look at your Shark logo in San Jose concept - isn't the shark itself reminds you a jet? If you would make a jet out of the shark and bend the same way - that would be an awesome alternate concept for the Jets IMO. On my last note - as what it is for right now - your Jets jerseys in your concept says Maple Leafs to me, because of the two stripes that runs across.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Stephane - yes, indeed, Reebok goes europian in NHL on all gears and very soon we will see a bunch of add being slapped on the : jerseys, helmets, pants, socks , skates and etc. By the way, that new Lev team from Slovakia has the best logo in entire KHL and I like their black uniforms, too - they either look like what Flyers should adopt for their 3rd or reminds me a past NHL shield.

Anonymous said...

Why not name that europian division " Lokomotiv " and make it part of the NHL?

Anonymous said...

@ Cody The script is fine , you blend the 67th with a current Leafs font, but what bugs me is this- by looking at a shape on what a script put on - do Maple Leafs own their generic drug store in Toronto?

Stephan said...

the numbers on the front would be a good idea on a third jersey but noth all jerseya

JP said...

I'm just so let down about the helmet numbers. Why do they need this? Lame.

Glen Cuthbert said...

The numbers on the helmets were meant to "aid broadcasters (and referees) in player identification"

I'm a broadcaster in junior hockey, and I can tell you that it does NOTHING.

cody said...

@anomynous #4 i used the old st.pats( torontos team before the leafs) shape in order for it to be more fauxback. plus the logos is designed for merch, not jerseys.

Jackets Color Guard said...

The numbers on the front of the helmets look like a mix between Nascar and some european jerseys that are cluttered with all sorts of things. I like the black and white ducks jerseys a lot! But I do agree that the current numbers the Ducks use is better and that the gold should have been kept in the black jersey. But how can you not love the Might Ducks logo on their! As for the Jets thirds, my favorite is still the light blue one. I think that would look pretty sweet. Never been a fan of grey jerseys. But the throwback is a cool idea!

Tex said...

More clutter on the jerseys, imagine if te sharks did thus LAST YEAR! That would be a mess.

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