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NHL 12 Released Today

NHL 12 came out today and that is why this post is late.Lets face it, most of them are going to be late, for this week at least.

For those that emailed interest in being on the EASHL team, emails were sent out to you this afternoon. Please respond to them when you get a chance.

All of the new an upcoming 3rd jerseys will be in the game, but here are some other jersey that are in NHL 12;
- Might Ducks' home & road jerseys from the 90's
- Boston's Winter Classic
- Detroit's Winter Classic
- New Jersey's St Patty's day Edge'd jersey, plus a white version...Edge'd!
- Washington's Winter Classic
- Winnipeg has generic NHL jerseys until an update is added. They look somewhat like THIS
- There is a Legends team that has 2 jerseys which are both modeled after Minnesota's 3rd jersey. The difference is that they are blue and vintage white.

Many of you have emailed me concepts and I have yet to respond. I apologize as I have not made time to get to them recently.

COTW voting continues until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. Committee members can vote until then.

NCAA voting continues until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Committee members can also vote on that. Entries can be seen on the NCAA COMP page.

The Weekly Poll continues over on the WEEKLY POLL page. This week we are talking about what we like about the Edge cut jerseys versus the old CCM cut jerseys.


New York Rangers concept (by Felix)
Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by MasonII)

Cleveland Barons concepts (by Brandon S.)Funny thing here is, Brandon sent these in before the Jets jerseys were released! The striping looks almost identical. The logo is from the Broome County Barons of the FHL. This is a good looking jersey set with the road white being my favourite!

San Jose Sharks concept (by MasonII)I've always preferred the fin logo as a shoulder patch. Sorry, but I think this concept is a little too plain. Maybe some of the Sharks' trademark orange trim would help it.

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Tex)Tex uses the B from the retro script along with some vintage white. I think the logo would come across better if there was a thin blue outline between the yellow B and the vintage white. How much would the Bruins object to the Sabres wearing a single B on their jersey?

Calgary Flames concepts (by Kevin)Kevin gives us some retro jerseys with a few adjustments. Adjustments like laces, yokes and cuffs. The new addition is the alternate which is void of yellow. I really like it as it looks "white hot". I give it a COTW nomination.

Calgary Flames concepts (by Fredrik)Fredrik goes the retro route all the way. Would anyone complain if this was the Flames' jersey set? Solid work, but needs TV numbers. (It was at that point that you all rolled your eyes and told your monitors or phones to shut up)

Nashville Predators concept (by Kris)Kris sent this in as an alternate jersey for the new Predators set. I like its direction because I liked that checkerboard pattern, but I liked the checkerboard pattern because it appeared "hidden" on the former 3rd jersey. The same treatment here would benefit this concept. Also, the logos need to be cleaned up. A white outline on the shoulder patched would be good.
NHL 12 Released Today Reviewed by Ryan on September 13, 2011 Rating: 5


Tex said...

The Bruins would object to ANYTHING.

Tex said...

Second the Flames nom.

Kris said...

Brandon's Cleveland Barons for COTW. Loving NHL 12 as well. Anyone here have it for PS3?

Kevin said...

@Kris yeahh buddy! send me a request. dont know when ill get back on NHL12 until sunday...lot coming up these next few days

geoff said...

I like the idea of the fin logo for the Sharks making it as a main crest for an Alternate jersey. I think the new version would work better though or maybe take the circle part away on the original version of the fin?

I also think the Sharks need to go away from the black jersey either go with a gray or 2 teal ones with different striping on each.

I also think the Sharks need to change the Shark from black. An actual Great White Shark is gray with white at the bottom. Change it to be a little more realistic.

Hopefully next year they will get 3 all new jerseys

cody said...

i am sad........ no nhl2k12, and they dont make nhl12 for th wii.... WHY???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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