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NCAA Comp: Day 3

Oddly, it seems like a slow week on the blog. I thought this week would be busier with almost everyone back into the routine (school, work, etc). NCAA entries have been slow and despite some criticism of the new Jets jerseys, no one sent in what they believe to be an upgrade. Ah weel, maybe it will pick up as the week progresses.

Here are some more entries for the NCAA ReDesign.

Towson Tigers concepts (by Cody)
UConn Huskies concepts (by Kyle M.)


Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Kris)
Boston Bruins concept (by Brady)
Hartford Whalers concept (by Cody)

Hartford Whalers concept (by Tex)I really like the jersey design Tex uses. I think the logo could use a thicker outline, similar to what was used on the 92-93 jerseys. I also feel like this is a little plain. Maybe some shoulder patches would help that. Did somebody say Pucky?!?!?

Hartford Whalers concepts (by Kris)Kris applies the NHL Whalers' logo to the Connecticut Whale's 3rd jersey and then makes a matching road. It only looks better because of the Whalers' kick-ass logo!

Indianapolis Racers concepts (by WinnipegJets96)Jets really wanted to use the checkered flag pattern. Who was more appropriate for such a pattern than the WHA's Racers? I wouldn't mind it as a 3rd jersey as it seems it would have fit in with the WHA. The use of Copperplate font on the back could be done away with.

Grand Rapids Griffins concepts (by Nevill)These were Nevill's entries into PuckDrawn's Griffins contest. I really like the striping of the gold jersey, I just don't like that it is gold. I also like that the player's name is arched. We could use more of that in the NHL. I like these enough to give them a COTW nomination!

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Spirit104)Spirit sent this in before the jerseys were released. I like the sleeve stripe and the hem stripe, but they don't seem to work together. I also personally prefer to see the shoulder patch on both sides.

Philadelphia Flyers concepts (by Kevin)Kevin uses a logo from Cheesesteaktees.com and sticks it to Rangers fans! Sorry Rangers fans, he also stole your jerseys as well. He hasn't left out the Pens fans though! Kevin uses Philly's newest player, Jaromir Jagr's #68 to dig it in even further. Kevin, prepare yourself for a verbal thrashing in the comments.

St. Louis Blues concepts (by Arthur)Arthur gives us a couple of retro Blues jerseys, Edge-ified. They're pretty cool, my only comments are that I don't like the collar being red on the white jersey and I don't like the collar insert being white on the blue jersey.
NCAA Comp: Day 3 Reviewed by Ryan on September 07, 2011 Rating: 5


Kris said...

Brady's Bruins for COTW.

cody said...

second bradys for sure. also i think you meant flyers fans not pens fans ryan. very funnay blooper though.

ArthurD said...

No, he def meant Pens fans. Take a second to think, it'll come to you

Ryan said...

Arthur is right, I meant Penguins.

Tex said...

I HATE Jagr, I plan on spending everything I have just to go to the game on the 29th so I can shout obscenities(not really) at Jagr and Talbot.

Felix said...

I'm deeply saddened on what took place earlier today with the news about a plane crash near Moscow... The entire " Lokomotiv " Jaroslavl' hockey team with their coaching and medical staff died. There were very young , talented players, some ex-NHLers, players from Belarus and Czech Republic and etc. But above all- there were men, some married, some not and they're gone now... I'm originally from a former Soviet Union( now it is Belarus ) and I'm very, very sad about that... I think that it should reach hearts to every hockey fan worldwide and people in general with a tragedy of such magnitude- it is a very sad day for a hockey world today... I'm very suprised that I'm the only one in here with a comment on that...

Brandon said...

Ryan, just wanted to let you know that i immediately see a problem with your new Jets numbers. the N should not be lowercase. also i think the numbers are a bit too italicized.

cody said...

if you guys are taking about jagr it makes sense. but i thought u guys were talking about the flyers because of the logo used.

Felix said...

Cody, wait till you see my logo about that that Ryan will post very soon... I'm a die hard Rangers fan and very pleased to see Jaromir Jagr back in NHL and even with the Flyers. He is a proven great player and I hope that he will do well with Flyers this season. I will not leave any comment on what Tex said about Jagr and Talbot nor his concepts( Whalers & Ohio )as he is not worth my time. Ryan, I hope that you would post a special page for a tragedy that took place in Russian Federation earlier with a devastating plane crash involving a top hockey club from KHL " Lokomotiv" Jaroslavl'.

Tex said...

And I think we should do the redesign
for the Lokomotiv team.

Tex said...

What, are the concepts that bad? Not great, but I didn't think they were terrible. Can you blame me for not liking Jagr? If you were a Pens fan you'd probably feel the same way.
It's alot like LeBron actually.

ArthurD said...

I'd be a bit uncomfortable supporting a Lokomotiv redesign contest. There are ways to memorialize all of those we lost yesterday, and immediately wiping out the team heritage and jerseys they used seems a bit... Harsh? I'm not sure thats the word I'm looking for. And Felix, I think that the majority of the people on this site are as aware of the tragedy as you, so don't worry. Its extremely shocking to think about all of what happened yesterday. I had the pleasure of meeting Karlis Skrastins during his time in Dallas, and while we only met in passing, it was obvious that he was a man of high character and someone who loved the game of hockey. I'm sure the same could be said about every single person on that plane.

Felix. said...

Thank you,ArthurD for your kind words. Yes, I agree with you - Let's not touch " Lokomotive " jersey, it is fine the way it is...
We can all do many different contests, by the way.

Tex said...

Yeah, I guess you're right, taht would be a touch insensitive, maybe a memorial logo contest?

Kris said...

I agree with Tex. Talbot's a traitor, but I don't really care about Jagr because he's long gone. Though I like Kevin's jerseys

Tex said...

@ Kris,

Are you a Pens fan?

Kris said...


You bet!

Tex said...

Yes, I'm not alone!!!

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